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Action Reverse

Understanding action reverse betting system.

Sportsbooking has been very popular to gambling and sports enthusiasts in the United States because aside from the interesting race or game, they are able to earn extra cash through betting. Online sportbook has paved the way for millions of sports fanatics to enjoy games and win through bets without going to the live venue. By a few mouse clicks, people can place their bets on their chosen games and teams in the comfort of their own homes. However, before placing bets, a person should first have an ample knowledge regarding the different types of betting made in sportsbooks in our faq.

Learning More on IF Bets
One of the most popular betting schemes in sportsbook is the Action Reverse. Although it may not be as frequently used as parlay, Action Reverse betting appeals to many bettors who want to place a single bet and bring home huge winnings. Basically, it is a type of IF bet, and for a bettor to understand the concept of Action Reverse, he still needs to learn what IF bets are.

When a bettor places an IF bet, it means that he places a group of bets on either two or three outcomes. The two basic types of IF bets are IF Action and IF Win. Action Reverse falls under the IF Action category. Unlike parlays and straight bets, there is no need to re-invest the total money won by a bettor in the succeeding games in IF Action. In an IF Action bet, there is always an action on the subsequent wager whenever the first wager wins or pushes. For instance, the bettor places US$110 to win US$100 on Team Panda in game A. If this wager wins or pushes, the wager made on Team Civet in game B has an action. If this wager wins or pushes, a wager on Team Tiger in game C has action. However, if any of these wagers loses, all wagers made are considered No Action.

Understanding Action Reverse Betting System
Now that the concept of IF bet has been discussed, it will be easy for a bettor to understand the idea of Action Reverse wager. An Action Reverse is simply a pair of IF Action bets. This type of wager is made by placing an IF Action bet in a reverse manner of a previous IF action wager.  To make things simpler, an Action Reverse wager goes this way: if Team Panda wins or pushes then there is an action on Team Civet. Likewise, if Team Civet wins or pushes, then there is an action on Team Panda. Here is a sample of a 2 play Action-Reverse wager:

A wager of US$110 to win US$100 on Team Panda in Game 1 is placed. If this wager wins or pushes, the wager on Team Civet in Game 2 has an action.
A wager of US$110 to win US$100 on Team Civet in Game 2 is placed. If this bet either wins or pushes, the bet of US$110 to win US$100 on Team Panda in Game 1 has action.

If all wagers made wins, a bettor will get US$400, however, if all wagers made loses, the bettor will also lose US$220. Moreover, if only one of the wagers made wins, the bettor will take home US$100 only. In a nutshell, an Action Reverse bet is made by bettors because it gives them the chance to win twice the amount of their expected winnings in two games.