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Wednesday, 04 June 2008 22:48

Evaluating Your Own Poker Game

A look at your own play.

In poker games, luck is definitely a big factor that one has to always consider. This applies both to beginning players and the acknowledged experts of the game. Actually, one can even consider the possibility that strategies are useless if Lady Luck simply refuses to smile on the cards that one currently holds.
Yet, poker is not always entirely dependent on luck. Sticking to a well-formed game strategy can work from time to time because there are actually days when Lady Luck takes the day off, assuming one has an optimistic frame of mind. When this happens, players can resort to their game strategies when involved in poker games.
This is why it is important that gamblers regularly evaluate their plays after walking away from a poker table. Poker is actually one game that is quite easy to play and even easier to win in once the common winning hands are memorized by heart. Yet, this is also the most common pitfall that many players unfortunately fall in. Once they get to stack up one win to another, many players immediately come to the conclusion that they should be considered good enough to take on even the best of the lot.
Actually, the Internet is partly to blame for this growing thinking among many present-day poker enthusiasts. It has made available so many poker variants that gamblers can play with relative ease and at less cost, resulting to the perception that poker is an easy to game to play. While this may be generally accurate, being able to win in a game on a regular basis does not automatically make one good at playing player.  
Yet, the very same system has made available several modern measures that poker players can make use of if they wish to find out how they are doing in online games, particularly in poker games. Making use of these measures, a popular one of which is a website that presents a statistical scheme that guarantees players an analysis of poker hands via their history, should help poker buffs determine if they are showing improvements in their games and in what areas they can possibly work on to further progress in Internet poker.
Poker is also a game of decisions, and in many cases, we end up doing some very bad ones. For many players, this is something that can be quite hard to accept, especially if it caused one to lose a significant amount of money. However, this should also be a time for evaluation. In particular, this should be seen as an excellent opportunity to look back at the recently-concluded game. Finding out in which area one made a major slip will help one reach a better decision when placed in a similar situation in future games. Assuming that one will continue to play poker, such a situation will likely come up again sooner or later.
Evaluating poker games is actually the guide that will tell us if we are pushing our limits a little too hard. It should be seen as a computerized conscience that constantly tells us that even as we register wins one after another, there should always be room for improvement in our plays to consequently record more poker victories.