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Wednesday, 04 June 2008 22:48

In Poker Keep It Simple

Low limit poker and advices.

Poker, as they say, is a game that combines both luck and strategy. For the more experienced players, devising a strategy is always the better way to win since they are more likely to be ranged against the veterans just like themselves.
This is not the case with the beginners or the newbies in the game. When one is only starting to discover the basic principles involved in the game of poker, the tendency is to naturally prefer facing opponents who are less experienced just like one's self. It is not wise to aspire or dream of playing against an acknowledged poker expert since the likelihood of being eaten alive early in the game is very high.
There is also the option to enjoy poker games that have low-limit settings. These are the poker games that are actually suitable for beginning players because one can come up with a generally simple game plan that will most likely work. This is because in low-limit poker games, the players are often of the same game level that when compared against the experts, they may be considered generally poor players. The natural tendency for them is to look after the cards that they hold and not think about the cards that you are trying to form.
This is where a beginning poker player can prosper even in his newbie status. The trick is to simply play it straight and simple. Avoid any unique plays including bluffing. These are devices that only the veteran players can make use of with lots of success. Newbies would do well not to engage in them at least while they are still in the lower level of the poker hierarchy.
Of course, if one feels that what one holds is the best possible hand in the game, the trick is to bet aggressively. If one is really sure, it is even wiser to place all the money on that hand.
This is actually the tricky part in poker games because one can never be really sure what hand the opposing players have. Yet, in Low Limit poker games, the likelihood is that all of the players involved are generally newbies whose main preoccupation are the creation of a winning hand and not on reading what his opponents are trying to do.
Thus, if one is able to form a perfect hand combination, it is always best to bet everything that one holds. The chances that one will come out walking away with the pot can be quite high.
This is a very simple plan and newbies who stick to it should be able to see themselves slowly moving up a step higher in the competency level eventually. Yet, this simple plan of keeping it simple in poker is not exclusive to beginners. Even long-time players should return every now and then to this basic strategy. This is because poker games are essentially easy to play. The general rules have not changed drastically since poker was first introduced to gamblers years ago. Variants that feature new and complex approaches may have been conceptualized to suit the nature of new players, but when one really examines these, the basic concept of poker is still the same. Hence, the simple poker plays that gamblers have originally made use of years ago can still be applied and result in game victories.