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Wednesday, 04 June 2008 22:51

Mistakes At Beginner Level

A look at poker game play as a beginner.

When poker games made their way in the online arena several years ago, very few players hesitated at grabbing the opportunity of seeing this highly-popular table game from being played in an entirely different setting. It was not uncommon then to see totally unknown players trying their hands at poker, Internet style.
This eventually gave rise to the newbie phenomenon, or the emergence of totally novice players who have no basic idea on how poker is played and yet are willing to learn because many online poker rooms allow them to play for free to enable them to grasp the primary concept behind the game. Some of these newbies eventually move on to participate in various poker tournaments. The vast majority, though, unfortunately get trapped in huge gambling losses and an uncertain future.
Beginners are naturally prone to committing several mistakes when they play online. The good news is that many of these mistakes can actually be avoided and that in due time, newbies can actually climb up from their beginner status.
For example, a common mistake among newbies is the tendency to play beyond their present capabilities. It is understandable that newbies will want to compete at higher limits because of the higher stakes involved. What they need to remember, though, is that in the higher tables, the opponents are far more experienced with skills that are far greater than what they presently have. Ideally, newbies should start at games having lower limits, eventually moving up.
Another common newbie mistake in poker is playing with too many cards. Again, this is quite understandable because beginners will naturally want to keep many of his original hands, believing that this will give him a victory. In due time and with a few more tutorials, they can develop the ability to discern when a hand is strong without actually depending their decisions to their previous winnings through such original hands. They are only inviting negative points through their poker game ego.
Emotions are also common factors that get in the way of many newbie poker games, something that they should learn to control, especially during losing sessions. Losses are inevitable in poker but good players deal with them gracefully, without getting emotional in poker games.
Speaking of good players, copying their play strategies is another common mistake among beginning  players. This may initially be good, but for poker players dreaming of someday taking part in a major poker tournament, they need to eventually create an effective strategy distinctively of their own. For this, they should avoid another common mistake, which is not knowing what a pot odds is. Many newbies do not quite understand this particular poker concept alongside other important game principles. Before plunging into online poker, it is imperative that one has a strong solid understanding of common game vocabularies which are readily accessible in many casino sites.
Bluffing is another mistake often made by beginners. While this is a tool usually employed by many gamblers, beginners are advised not to make use of it, at least while they are still new in the game. Bluffing is an art and it takes tons of practice to be able to master it, something that will only come about with the passage of time.
These are the more common mistakes often made by the newbies in poker. Quite obviously, they can be avoided with ease if newbies learn to develop more patience and by constantly evaluating their games. Once they are able to accomplish this, then the road to poker success should considerably become a little easier for them.