MLB Odds Favor Tigers as ALCS Lead Builds

After a close call against the Oakland Athletics, the Detroit Tigers know all to well that jumping out to an early lead in a playoff series doesn’t guarantee anything. Still, up 2-0 on the New York Yankees in the American League Champion Series, it’s hard to imagine they would want it any other way. Early MLB odds, for what their worth, certainly don’t underestimate the power of such a commanding advantage.

With 11/10 odds of winning the World Series, the Tigers have bounced back from their brief scare in the ALDS to top the entire list of MLB futures. The Yankees, in contrast, staring at the two-game deficit and now life on the road as the series shifts to Comerica, have just 9/1 MLB odds.

Look for Justin Verlander on the hill for Detroit as the club looks to secure their stranglehold on the depleted Bronx Bombers in Game 3. With Alex Rodriguez slumping noticeably and franchise icon Derek Jeter now sidelined for the first time in his prosperous postseason career, they’ll be hard-pressed to even put up a fight.

Still, it’s October, a celebrated time of year where anything can happen. Bet on postseason baseball today.

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to MLB Odds Favor Tigers as ALCS Lead Builds

  1. I guess the bookies were right about this one! The Yankees have looked terrible and the Tiger’s pitching is just amazing. Going to be a good WS with the Tigers going against the NL – but the AL Champs will be too much for the NL.

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