Yankees worried about Alex Rodriguez

Many people in the New York Yankee organization are worried about the latest accusations of Alex Rodriguez’s alleged drug use. Hal Steinbrenner has openly stated that he is “concerned” about these doping allegations against his highly paid shortstop.
It was late January that the Miami New Times had reported that Rodriguez had bought human growth hormone along with other playing enhancement drugs. Obviously, Rodriguez is going to plea not guilty to the accusations, but it will be hard for many baseball fans to believe him.

As one of the most unlike MLB players, the Yankee had already admitted using performance-enhancing drugs about a decade ago. He also happens to play for one of the biggest baseball teams in the country, which means his every move will be heavily scrutinized by betting and non-sports betting fans alike.

Rodriguez is currently healing after surgery undergone earlier this year. His pre-season game count may be shortened because of it. Many sports books are already skeptical on what his impact on the team will be this year, after a disappointing 2012. However, some online sports books are hoping that he will be able to bounce back to help the Yankees.

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