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Wednesday, 24 September 2008 01:19

Ixgames Newsletter

Ixgames newsletter is all about offering value to our members in form of different promotions, poker tournaments and freerolls, poker tips, strategy and other good incentives. We send out newsletters ones every month and sometimes not even that, so don't expect to get spammed by promos and offers from one and every gambling website online. Another very important thing is that your email adress is safely and securely stored in our system, we don't sell email adresses for profit. We like to think that ixgames is sort of an exclusive club where our members gets treated with respect. Unlike many other sites that promise the same thing we can truly back it up. I have many times joined sites that promises that they don't sell email adresses and a few days or weeks later with a fresh email adress the spam starts to land.

The community and how to join the newsletters

Ixgames community is based around the gambling forum and the place to discuss everything about our reviews, tournaments, promotions, articles and site information.To join the newsletter you need to join the community and that's quickly done with a valid email adress which you need to confirm before your forum account gets activated in order to being able to post or see certain pages such as our poker freerolls. Our memberbase grows for each week and expect to see some cool things and happenings in the future. At the moment discussions are focused on industry events and news. Ixgames community is all about sharing, learning and having fun.

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