Wednesday, 20 September 2017
Friday, 07 July 2017 08:57
Blackjack has always been considered as one of the most popular games in the gambling industry. Dating back to earlier times, this game has been able to find its place in licensed brick-and-mortar casinos. In the same manner, online blackjack has managed to succeed on the best online casino sites.

This digital version of the game is played the same way, using the rules already set at land-based establishments. Still, there are certain aspects of the game which have been altered during its transformation. In order to decide which type of blackjack suits you the most, it is best to get more info regarding their similarities, and more importantly their differences.

Level of Difficulty

Online and traditional live blackjack are both considered to be moderately difficult games, mainly due to the fact that they depend on skill, as well as luck. Still, traditional blackjack is considered to be the more difficult variant.

Online blackjack allows you to play your favorite game when and where you choose. This limits the source of distractions, which tend to be numerous at traditional blackjack tables. Plus, the game software is often programmed to guide you through the game, which is why beginner players are encouraged to start with the online version.

Use of Blackjack Strategies

Every single blackjack player has dreamt of becoming a professional in card-counting techniques and cleaning the tables at Las Vegas. However, once you shift to online blackjack, this is much less likely to happen.

In the traditional game, the dealer uses actual card decks which have a limited number of cards. Thus, players are able to assume the high and low cards left in the shoe as soon as a certain amount of cards has been dealt. Online blackjack software does not function under this principle. These games use a Random Number Generator, meaning that every outcome is completely random and doesn’t follow a certain limited number of cards and decks. That is why online blackjack players rely on these strategies much less than those at land-based casinos.

Game Variety & Additional Comps

The types of blackjack games available at land-based casinos are slightly more limiting than those at online gambling sites. This is mainly because site operators spend a limited amount of money to make the game available for their players, while brick-and-mortar casino managers need to account for dealer salaries and additional expenses for every new blackjack table. Moreover, online blackjack games start at much lower stakes than those at live casinos, allowing even greater player freedom.

Aside from the game variety, the player benefits are also better at online casino websites. Traditional casinos often reward their players with comps or points for each dime spent in their establishment. On the other hand, online blackjack games offer free play money, player points and a whole VIP program structure for their loyal customers.

Ultimately, choosing between live and online blackjack is a matter of personal taste. In any case, the most important thing is to be well informed about the game and its conditions in order to get the best chances of winning big.