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Wednesday, 04 June 2008 22:49

Poker Ego

Poker games and poker ego.

Poker is one game that is quite different from other table games in that it is simple and yet complex. Laymen will find this statement a contradiction of terms but those regularly engaged in the game will find this to be generally true.
The simplicity lies in the reality that a player simply gets a set of cards, throws away one or two, gets a new card or cards, throws away another card and then finally settling for a hand that he or she feels is a winning hand.
Quite a simple enough game if one initially examines it. Yet, that is only one half of poker. The other half involves making a decision on which card or cards to keep and which are the ones that are worth keeping. All these while trying to determine if the other players have a better hand or not.
For the smart players, this can be quite easy which is why when one sits down at the poker table, one will often encounter players with larger than life egos. Players who exude with so much confidence and bravado that one would think that they know even the best kept secrets about poker.
Yet, this is not the way one should approach a deceptive game like poker. Sure, it looks very simple, and in a way, this may be true. But there is more to poker than just merely choosing the right cards. For one, poker has considerably undergone many changes from the way our grandfathers played it. As such, one may be good at the good old-fashioned way of playing poker but when brought to an online arena, one may not be able to handle the modern way by which the game advances from one level to the next.
The same can also be said if the reverse were considered. In particular, if one plays extremely well in Internet poker, it is not a guarantee that one can easily win as well when personally coming face to face with a real opponent.
The point being stressed here is all about keeping the ego constantly in check when it comes to poker games. This may be a little hard to do, especially when one gets to win most, if not all, of the time. Two or three wins will always be a confidence booster, but it can also be dangerous because it gives the impression that one is great at poker.
Yet, keeping the ego sober is quite essential particularly if one wishes to stay in the world of poker for quite a while. Poker may be a strategy-based table game, but a good part of it can also be dictated by luck. As such, there will be days when victory is not as sweet and defeat is the only option available. When such times hit a player, it is the ego that is usually shattered the most, which can be tragic to some.
Keeping a humble attitude and closely monitoring personal poker statistics is a more sober way of approaching poker. Aside from opening one's self to constant game improvements, it also develops a more appealing personality, one that attracts, not only good luck, but good and beautiful girls as well.