1996 World Series of Poker

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 02:15

1996 World Series of Poker

A summary of 1996 world series of poker.

The prestigious event of World Series of Poker is mainly popular for two things: the players and the cash prize. While the mad cow disease disturbed the world in 1996, the championship battle between more than 4,000 poker players awed the organizers of the World Series of Poker, on its 17th anniversary, dated April to May 1996. Along with this great number of eager participants was the eye-popping $11,647,000, the total cash prize, which made a new record in the tournament's overall earnings.

The event took a few days for the hailing of the winners, which included some famous poker stars like Men Nguyen, Al Krux, and Susie Isaacs. But even with the 'delay' and the old and new faces, the prestigious 1996 WSOP was a dynamic poker tournament, since it also involved a wide array of poker games including the undisputed favorite Omaha, Limit, and Texas Hold'em. These poker games and more were played by thousands of participants, until the players were reduced into hundreds, then to 20s where Gary Benson and David Chiu became finalists. The final poker table, however, was reserved for the heads-up game between Bruce Van Horn and Huck Seed, where the latter was eventually hailed as champ.

Formerly occupied with his Electrical Engineering course, Huckleberry Seed, popularly known as Huck, became among the one-of-a-kind players in the poker world. Like other typical poker pro stories, Seed also left school to pursue his poker career. But this man is considered by many to truly stand out from the players on the poker table because of his quiet demeanor; while everyone else on the table like to bluff a lot, he prefers to keep quiet  Seed's silence amused and amazed the audience more when he pocketed the $1,000,000 cash prize plus the 14-karat WSOP bracelet during the said event.

In the 1996 WSOP's exciting heads-up game, two names, Huck Seed and Bruce Van Horn, were left on the last day to compete for the WSOP title, bracelet, and cash prize. It seemed that the 27th WSOP event turned out lucky for Seed, since the player had good first cards. The fortunate start proved to be a very good indicator of Seed's fate throughout the game, as he abided by his guts and continued to challenge Van Horn with his 9 and 8 of diamonds. After seeing the flop of 9 and 8 of hearts and 4 of clubs and after the raising of the opponent, Seed immediately called the bet. The 4th and 5th street did not do anything good for the opponent -- reason enough for Seed to bring home the million-dollar cash prize and own the 1996 WSOP title.

From the 4,000 players, the main event presented 295 entrants, with each paying for the ten thousand dollars buy-in amount. The last event included only Andre Boyer in the 6th place, An Tran in the 5th, Men Nguyen in the 4th, John Bonetti in the 3rd, Bruce Van Horn in the 2nd, and Huck Seed in the 1st.