1997 World Series of Poker

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 02:16

1997 World Series of Poker

A summary of 1997 world series of poker.

Even before Binion and company created the World Series of Poker at the Horseshoe Casino, many poker players knew that the arena of poker competitions was meant to grow. So, the number of participants as well as the number of poker tourneys grow each year. But the 1997 WSOP does not only show the event's development but also its innovation and dynamism.

It can be said that the 1997 World Series of Poker event is among the most memorable ones because it was held outside the Binion's Horseshoe Casino, in the the Fremont Street Experience, for the very first time. Though the new location did not really seem to make that much difference to long-time participants, many thought that the change of venue was quite unusual and unacceptable. On the other hand, the idea of a new venue was welcomed by younger poker breeds and made the 1997 WSOP a "hip tournament."

During the April to May 1997 run of the said tourney, the WSOP championship was quite intense, thanks to the kind of gameplays that all players showed. Like in other competitions and tourneys, both legends and novices participated in this tournament with one goal in their minds---to win. But among the 300 entrants, only one name rang the loudest -- Stu Ungar. With his last WSOP title achieved in 1981 and several years of being trapped in cocaine addiction, Ungar, the poker legend, dealt and treated the competition as his "come back" game, after more than a decade of absence in the poker world.

Indeed, the heads-up game was intense between Ungar and Strzemp, particularly with Ungar's hands, Ace of hearts and 4 of clubs, and Strzemp's Ace of spades and 8 of clubs; the flop made the round more competitive, as shown in the Ace of clubs, 5 of diamonds, and 3 of hearts. Both players had the same luck but apparently, Ungar's opponent had lesser odds. Despite of the odds, Ungar raised $40,000, which was called by his opponent. When the 4th street, 3 of diamonds, appeared, the opponent raised $120,000, an instant that made Ungar bet all his chips. Eventually, Ungar's gamble was successful. The remarkable 1997 WSOP ended with the triumph of the legendary Ungar who pocketed the millions, snatched the 1997 WSOP bracelet, and impressed all poker enthusiasts with his outstanding poker performance.

Because of the renowned poker legend's participation and his game, people considered the year as one of the greatest in WSOP. But aside from Ungar and the new environment, people also kept their eyes peeled on other big-time participants like Phil Hellmuth Jr., Linda Johnson, and Scotty Nguyen . These players joined with $10,000 buy-in amounts and anticipated to receive a million dollars if they won the first place. But the final round produced only the greatest players including Peter Bao in the 6th place, Bob Walker in the 5th, Ron Stanley in the 4th, Mel Judah in the 3rd, John Strzemp in 2nd, and Stu Ungar in the 1st.