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About Us

A detailed overview of what ixgames are.

---What We Are---

For gamblers that want to stay ahead with the competition and access to all inside information on the gambling arena along with tips and tricks from the experts, ixgames.com provides all of those things and more. This website started by a group of avid gamblers who wanted to share their attained knowledge in order to help the gambling community grow. Ixgames features a variety of sections in the gambling field which includes:

Reviews - Every professionally written review of the gaming brands on this site gives unbiased information for thirst hungry players giving them everything they need to do before they decide to choose a site. These reviews covers every gambling site on the net and growing thus giving back information such as ratings, bonsuses, codes, pros and cons. Along with phone numbers and contact information for every gambling brand. The review information should give potential players an at-the-glance look at the specifics of each site before signing up. These reviews covers the main gambling sections and is part of backgammon, bingo, casino, poker, sportsbooks and skill games.

News - This place gives up to the minute gambling news and information about recent developments in the gambling industry. You can find information about new legislations as well as terms, trades and changes of the evergrowing gambling industry. You can also get the scoop on the latest bonus and programs from many different gambling sites

Ladies - Ixgames has specifically made a corner for all the new female players looking for entertainment in the gambling world. They specifically address some of the games most frequently played by female gamblers. There are many informative articles and tips to help ladies improve their own game. 

Forum - The forum at ixgames.com is open for everyone who loves gambling. This is a wonderful place to make friends, get advice and share your knowledge. There is a general discussion forum as well as separate boards for casinos, poker, bingo, sports betting, backgammon, and skill games as well as an international section for swedish and german players.

Specials Sections - Ixgames feature several very informative guides with articles and we are improving and growing this at a regular rate. These guides covers backgammon,bingo, casino, poker ,sports betting and skill games and should give lots of reading of articles, information on game-play, tips and tricks, strategies, tutorials, bonus and promotions. Let me mention the widely developed poker player profiles where you can actually read and see pictures on many of the best players in the world. We did also launch a world series of poker section very recently and it's been a fun time editing and publishing. Lastly read up on past wsop winners or take your teeths in many of our wsop strategy articles. Maybe we get to see you in the future of a world series of poker tournament.

We want to present the internet gambling community with the best offers without exceptions. Our goal is to become the premier online gambling guide and what's most important here is our visitors that helps showing their support and adding to the growing community.

Backgammon - is a very old game but as to being launched on the internet it's a rather young game but we have that covered in our guides where you can learn game step by step, tutorials and how to play backgammon.

Bingo - of course we have bingo reviews covered as well as article and offers deep knowledge of the games.

Casino - With all those casino games gambling and the variety offered playing at the casino is not an easy step to start out with if you are not keen to loose some fast cash. Just as in any other section, the casino guide is packed with articles that involves tutorials, tips & tricks and how-to-play certain casino games. Read on particular classical casino games such as baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, slots and video poker or read the latest reviews on one of our many famous brands. In the future we will cover slots even better with actual slots machines and information on those and dont forget about casino jackpots and bonus codes.

Poker - With texas hold'em the most popular poker game there are plenty of action to be played both offline and online poker. It's a daily battle among poker rooms with their promotions to convince players which poker room they should play at and it's not always easy. That's what we are for. You can find everything there is to know about poker in our poker area with poker school, online poker room, reviews and promotions along with plenty of tutuorials and articles.

Sportsbooks - Choosing a sportbook here is not the hard choice, but whether you bet is going to win or not that's the main question. Read through many of our sport analysis articles and press releases from online sportsbooks to have the edge during many different games with parlays, straight bets, action reverse and teasers.

If you love any of the listed gaming options, waste no time in checking out this website. You will surely find ixgames.com an informative and fun place to be.

You can also get in touch with us here. You are welcome with positive or negative criticism, special requests, bonus questions, bad links etc. You can also get in touch with us through ixgames gambling forum. Just create your free account and start discussing with the community. 

Good luck and hope you will find ixgames to be your premier gambling guide!