Aces And Faces Video Poker

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 19:41

Aces and Faces Video Poker

An article about aces and faces.

The proliferation of many video poker variations has provided players with an opportunity to earn substantial income. Games like Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, All American, and others, have given gamblers a fun and profitable means of enjoying the game of video poker. Among these games is Aces and Faces, a popular video poker game owned by Microgaming.

Aces And Faces

Aces and Faces makes use of the standard 52-deck card and eliminates the wildcard, which is vital to other variations such as Jacks or better video poker. The aim of aces and faces is to generate the best hand out of five cards dealt by the machine. The player can choose to keep or discard any card in the hand. While there is no limit on the amount of cards that can be discarded, the player is however allowed to replace his card only once.

The game commences as soon as the player has indicated the amount of his wager. He can do this using the plus and minus button located on the upper right hand corner of the monitor. In addition, he needs to indicate whether he will play one coin or the highest amount. Pressing the Bet One button another time increases the wager to the highest possible amount.

When the player has already completed his bet, he will then receive five cards. Next, the competitor will then decide whether to stick to the dealt cards or discard them. He can replace a card by either clicking Deal or pressing the card itself. When the player has finalized the hand, the machine then checks whether the cards produced merits a payout .

The game comes to a halt if the hand fails to produce a paying combination. If not, the player will then be given an option to either accept the original bet or go for a double. If he chooses the latter, the dealer picks a card facing up and the player selects a card from four cards facing down. Should the card the player selected have a lower count than that of the dealer, the player loses his original bet. In case of a tie, he can either collect the initial amount or repeat the same option. If the chosen number is higher, he likewise has the prerogative to get the winnings or go for a double.

The player can opt for a Half Double as well. In this case, he can use one half of his winnings to go for a double or add the other half to the balance. The player should be reminded that the doubling session is an independent event, as reflected in the Game History. The payouts of Aces and Faces are quite attractive. Quad aces offer 80 coins for the lowest wager and increases to 400 coins for the maximum bet. Four of the face cards(J,K,Q,) offers 40 coins for a minimum bet. Other varieties of four-of-a-kind have lucrative payouts as well but not comparable to what is offered by the "royals".