Advanced Single Table No Limit Tournaments

Fri, 06 Jun 2008 00:29

Advanced Single Table No Limit Tournaments

An advanced overview.

Once a poker player graduates from the single-table no-limit tournaments, they move on immediately or gradually onto the advanced single-table no-limit tourneys.  Once again this form of poker game has a wide range of following from players everywhere in the world.

Higher Stakes, Better Strategies
As more people play poker, particularly single table no-limits tourneys, developing skills is a must.  As one plays in higher levels often, the more they need strategies that will help them further into any situation.  One of the most exciting variations of poker tourneys, the advanced single table no-limits tourneys is very popular whether it is played in land-based casinos or online.

Where to Get Tips and Info Regarding Winning Advanced Single Table No Limit Tournaments?
Many popular and successful players of poker often write their own tutorial books on how to win as many games as you can, as well as learning more about tournaments. These authors often include tips in their autobiography and other books.  Most of them can be found in bookstores and magazine stands.  However, for those who are too busy to read books, they can always turn to the Internet for the information they need.  There are many articles that can be found in various websites and blogs that a poker player can look into any time during the day or night.

Tips and Strategies:
1.  Pick the regular Single Table Tournament (STT) instead of the speed STT
    In regular events, a player can take advantage of the plays that are post-flop, thereby giving them a higher edge.  

2.  Know how to read and understand your opponents
    Each player has their own style and tendencies that become evident during a heated game.  In poker, it is an accepted strategy to figure out how a person would react even before he or she does.  For the players of advanced single-table no-limit tournaments, this is a skill that pays off. Though the possibility of accurately predicting an opponent's move is not perfect, this makes the game all the more fun.  Knowing if their game style is passive or aggressive allows one to come up with custom strategies to win.

3.  Create deceptive plays
    Being mechanical and overtly technical may not be the best possible way to win an advanced single-table no-limit tournament.  There are many ways where one can come up with a deceptive poker play.  First of which is the use of semi-bluffing skills to confuse opponents.  While the second is the skill in slow playing, which can make opponents lose their temper when they become impatient. Remember to avoid as much as possible playing in such a predictable fashion.  To do so will allow opponents to learn and counteract your moves and betting patterns.

There are also a lot more tournament variants, tips, and strategies that a poker player of advance single-table no-limit tournaments can learn to win.  However, as poker is also a game that involves chance, strategies and tips are not to be relied on heavily.  A player must know how to bluff and learn until when to push his or her luck.  Other than that, the player must know when to fold and concede, so as to get a large amount of prize from the pool.