Alan Goehring

Tue, 10 Jun 2008 22:38

Alan Goehring

A poker biography of Alan Goehring.

Quick Information

Name - Alan Goehring

Born - February 21, 1962, Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States

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If a poker player wants to succeed, he should not just live with other people's expectations but exceed them. This is what Alan Goehring did, not only to become rich and famous but to become a well-respected player poker game as well. In the beginning, people called him different names -- from someone who could only bring home small prizes to someone who was like an all-time bridesmaid poker player. However, Alan strove to liberate himself from those stigma. This struggle made his life an interesting account of a trader and analyst who experienced dire straits in life but managed to rise up to become a revered figure in the poker arena.

It was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that Alan Goehring first saw the light of the day on February 21, 1962. After 25 years of different pursuits in life, he became a trader and analyst of high yielding but very risky corporate bonds in New York. Sadly, the risk seemed to have dominated the yield which brought crisis to Alan and forced him to move to Southern California. On the shores of SoCal, Alan learned the arts and rudiments of poker playing. His love for high-yielding risky games of life did not end in the stock market but extended to playing card games.

After three years of unwinding, Alan went back to his job in New York where he shared his knowledge about his newfound love for card games. Soon enough, he influenced almost everyone in his company to play Texas Hold'em. While in Big Apple encouraging everyone to enjoy poker, Alan continued his job as a trader and analyst of corporate bonds until the later years of 1990's. After that, he decided to have his first exposure in a prestigious and major poker competition, the World Series of Poker (WSOP). In that poker event, Goehring managed to land third place and won $61,000 in cash.

In 1999, he brought home more than $760,000 for winning the WSOP's main event. After that success, he resigned from his job and focused his attention to his career in poker. He also joined several competitions and have always emerged as a second place winner. This prompted the public and the media to call him a "perennial poker bridesmaid," which sadly became their expectation of Alan. However, Goehring proved them all wrong -- that their anticipations are far below his skills and wisdom in poker game.

Alan finally gained the respect he deserves when he won more than $1 million for dominating the World Poker Tour (WPT). This was followed by another nearly $3.4 million winning as Alan conquered the 6th position in the 4th season of WPT. Since then, known mentors and figures in the field of card games started speaking positively of Alan's performance as a poker player. As a card game master, Alan has won a sum of over $5.1 million in winnings, making him a certified poker millionaire.

At present, Alan Goehring is happily residing at Henderson, Nevada. Amid the praises and positive remarks that he receives as a poker champion, Alan remains humble by saying that he is just doing everything to experience the fun and thrill of the competitions.