Alex Brenes

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 22:35

Alex Brenes

A poker biography of Alex Brenes.

Quick Information

Name - Alex Brenes

Born - San jose, Costa Rica

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Those who say that being prolific at poker does not run in the blood have obviously not met Alex Brenes yet. Known in the poker circle as Tijo, Alex came from a family of well-known professional poker players. Although not as popular as his two older brothers, the youngest Bernes poker buff is already making it big in the exciting domain of poker. As a matter of fact, Alex is well on his way on becoming one of poker's greatest. Even though he does not own a World Series of Poker bracelet as of the moment, Alex has plenty of recognitions under his belt and a sizable amount in his bankroll.

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica in January 17th, Alex is the third in the Brenes lineage to break into the poker scene. Excellently trained perhaps by his two older siblings, Humberto and Eric, Alex is following his brothers' footsteps toward poker stardom quite swiftly. Humberto and Eric are both World Poker Tournament millionaires and it would surely not be too long until Alex becomes one. With his strategic gameplay and aggressive manner of playing, Alex will undoubtedly rise to the ranks of his siblings faster than one can say "Call".

Alex stepped into the poker limelight a little later than Humberto and Eric and it was when he managed to end up in the WPT final table. Fortunately for Alex, he would not forever stay behind his older brothers' shadows as he slowly carves out a name for himself in the poker circuit. In February 2005, Alex bested other players in the L.A. Poker Classic, garnering a whopping $100,000 cash and $25,000 buy-in for the WPT World Championship that was held at the grand Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Vegas. At this point of his career, Alex became widely recognized as something more than just Humberto and Eric's little brother.

Alex seems to be intent in creating his own poker niche when he won in the WPT Invitational Season Three. A poker whiz, Alex also gets regular entry in several other poker tournaments and events such as the PokerStars' Caribbean Poker Adventure where he ended up in the 11th place and the WPT Battle of Champions III held in The Mirage where he wound up in the 3rd place. Even though an overall good-natured player, Alex's razor sharp poker sense makes him a seriously dangerous opponent. With poker running through Alex's blood, poker enthusiasts all over the world can only expect for the best from this Costa Rican.

Luckily for Alex, poker is not the only pastime he has. He also plays blackjack and likes to gamble quite a lot. As a matter of fact, this modest poker prodigy would openly admit that his most embarrassing experience and biggest gambling fiasco was losing $60,000 in blackjack. When not playing poker, Alex's hobby is fussing over his fish aquariums. He also happens to like the music of INXS and loves to eat shrimps. As of the present, Alex lives in Miami, Florida.