Allen Cunningham

Allen Cunningham

A poker biography of Allen Cunningham.

Quick Information

Name - Alen Cunningham

Born - Riverside, California, United States

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker


Few people might recognize Allen Cunningham as a member of the famous Team Full Tilt, but he is undoubtedly well-known in poker arena as the significant other of fellow professional poker player, Melissa Hayden. While many veteran poker players consider Cunningham a little wet behind the ears when it comes to the world of poker, he already proved himself worthy of their respect. Even though he is barely in his thirties, Cunningham already has four World Series of Poker bracelets to boast. Hailed as the Best All-Around Poker Player Under 35 by his poker colleagues, Allen Cunningham yet has a long poker career ahead of him.

Born in Riverside, California in 1977, Cunningham began playing poker ever since he was young. During the early years of his life, poker was just a game that is played for fun. He used to play with his mom and dad, Joanne and Dean Cunningham, and other family relatives around their kitchen table. Although poker was only a pastime, Cunningham already has an unparalleled passion for the card game. It was this same passion for the game that would soon catapult him to worldwide fame as a professional poker player.

After graduating from high school, Cunningham went on to pursue a Civil Engineering degree in UCLA, but his love for poker still remained. In fact, in between studying and delivering pizzas, Cunningham frequents tribal casinos in his neighborhood playing freeroll and low-limit real money poker games. It was through the occasional visits to the tribal casinos that Cunningham was able to build his bankroll. Albeit already experiencing middling success in playing, it was not until his sophomore year in college that Cunningham has seriously considered a career as a poker pro.

When he turned 19, Cunningham finally gave up college to devote more time playing poker. He continued to boost his bankroll while waiting for that day when he can play it big with other poker enthusiasts. Finally, when he turned 21, Cunningham abandoned tribal casinos for real casinos where rougher and tougher poker games are held. His shot at a better poker career did not immediately come, but when it did, Cunningham was more than prepared to burn down a good number of tournaments that came his way. While waiting for his turn at the poker limelight, Cunningham made friends with other greatest poker pros today such as Layne Flack, John Juanda, and Phil Ivey.

At long last, Cunningham's big break at the poker scene came when he entered the 1999 Legends of Poker tourney in Los Angeles. In this tournament, Cunningham had impressive top ten finishes in six tournaments and even had two wins. However, it was in 2001 that Cunningham won his very first WSOP bracelet in the 7-Card Stud game. Cunningham's poker career continue to flourish and the following year, he acquired his second WSOP bracelet in the No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven event. His third WSOP bracelet came on two years afterward when he beat 2,035 contestants in the No-Limit Texas Hold'em event. With many years ahead of him, Allen Cunningham will undoubtedly continue to make headlines in the online poker world as well as offline.