Amir Vahedi

Mon, 09 Jun 2008 21:05

Amir Vahedi

A poker biography of Amir Vahedi.

Quick Information

Name - Amir Vahedi

Born - 1961 in Teheran, Iran

Poker Room - Not Available


Born in Teheran, Iran in 1961, Amir Vahedi, distinctively known for smoking Cuban cigars, is one of the meanest poker of the No-Limit Hold'em game. His humble beginnings came from living a fairly turbulent life during his youth. He was once drafted into the army of Iran, but he left it after his own mother's prodding. This ushered in a period of drifting around different countries all over the world as a refuge. As luck would have it, Amir finally arrived in Los Angeles in the United States. It was there that he slowly found success, working his way up until he owned several profitable businesses. Soon however, Amir found that the lure of playing poker professionally was too great to ignore , so he decided to shift his gears and head off to greener pastures.

Aside from his wicked skill and unbelievable gameplays, Amir Vahedi is also notorious for being the person who introduced and tutored actor Ben Affleck into playing No-Limit Hold'em. The said actor was accused by his then-girlfriend, fellow actress Jennifer Lopez as being a compulsive gambler. Ironically though, it was Lopez who paid for the initial No-Limit Poker lessons that Affleck took under Amir.

As a poker player, Amir is generally known to be fierce and very competitive; often upping the stakes in a certain game to unbelievable heights. According to Amir, he was and is unafraid of putting his money in the betting tables, even if the stakes are ridiculously high. This is because he believes that a good poker player must be able to get a message across and that doing so will intimidate opponents. Amir knows that the ability to make opponents squirm and be psyched out even before the game begins is the difference between a good poker player and a brilliant one. Unpredictable in his playing style and surprising during games, Amir is one of the few players that can own the game even before it starts. Being difficult to read, Amir can keep any poker player on his toes, on the No-Limit Texas Hold'em games. Since then, he was then named as the 2001 Player of the Year of Hold'em, and he has appeared at around nine No-Limit final tables for 2003, while he ushered in 2004 by winning the Limit Hold'em event at Hollywood Park that January.

Discipline is the most important characteristic that any poker player must have. So as to win, one should be willing to set personal limits and take time to practice as often as possible. Like all poker players, Amir reveals that it had taken him quite a while before cultivating discipline regarding money management. He tells his journey to avoiding blackjack and craps since they can drain away money faster than anything, and he also advises the other players to just stick religiously to poker. This is because switching to different card games and other forms of gambling will weaken one's poker game play considerably.

What's refreshing about Amir Vahedi is that he has this principle regarding winning poker. He believes that poker may be about skill, but fate play a cool hand in it as well. He advises players to always remember that there may be times where one can get trounced on a poker table, but there are also opportunities to win against purposed masters.