Andy Black

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 13:38

Andy Black

A poker biography of Andy Black.

Quick Information

Name - Andy Black

Born - Not Available

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker


Poker, they say, is a game of skils and strategy. But if there's one person who knew better than this other than Richard Lee, it has to be Irish poker star, Andy Black. He's seen the best and the worst. He even knew what it's like to go downhill and how to climb his way back. Without a fast and simple rule in poker, one thing is for sure, it's what people may consider to be a test of luck.

Personal Info and Trivia

Born on July 20, 1965 as Andrew Black, the European poker star from Northern Ireland had been playing poker ever since he was a little boy. It was his mother who opened his young mind to poker. But while playing cards used to be just another game at home, Andy Black soon discovered his real potential to be a professional player like Maciek Gracz. So while studying at Trinity College as a law major, 1986 marked the rise of the soon-to-be poker superstar. What Andy Black had in common with poker legend, Padraig Parkinson, is the poker school known as Junior Common Room, where they're both proud members. The now 41-year old player also used to play in a casino at Dublin not just for money but apparently for freebies, which include coffee and snacks.

A Bad Beat for Andy Black

Everything seemed to go all uphill for Andy Black during the main event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in 1997. In a heads up game with Stu Ungar, the Irish player had a strong hand with an ace and a king. But with a share of bad luck, Stu Ungar emerged as a winner holding an ace and a queen. Even Andrew Black himself was not afraid to admit that he was outplayed by his opponent. Up to this date, spectators who had seen the event are still intrigued by the outcome of the game.

The Eventful Comeback of "The Monk"

After the unexpected defeat by Stu Ungar, Andy Black took a five year break and sought refuge as a Buddhist. In his 2004 comeback, he surprised many with his stellar performance in Irish poker tourneys. However, what many considered to be the highlight of his career is the main event for the 2005 WSOP, where the Irish player, also known as "The Monk," finished fifth. Although he didn't won the much-coveted bracelet, even critics can't deny how good a player he really is. There was even a point when he stack up almost one-third of the overall chips on the final table. Despite his failure to grab the championship crown, he still came home with $1,750,000 on hand.

His Career on Track
Life has never been the same after Andy Black found his way back to the world of poker. His money finish includes taking spots at the World Poker Tour (WPT) and the European Poker Tour (EPT). In the 2006 Tournament of Champions, "The Monk" has the lead but unfortunately finished fifth with $100,000 in his pocket. He also had a promising start this year, taking numerous places in various events for the Aussie Millions at Australia and the grand finals of EPT in Monte Carlo. Yet, his unprecedented success came at the 2007 Irish Open, where he emerged as the champion against Michael Greco while playing for the Pot Limit Omaha event worth $54,589. Rumored to have more than $3,100,000 as total winnings, "The Monk" is also affiliated with Full Tilt Poker like Roland de Wolfe.