Andy Bloch

Mon, 09 Jun 2008 21:08

Andy Bloch

A poker biography of Andy Bloch.

Quick Information

Name - Andy Bloch

Born - Not Available

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker


If one were to believe the saying that a person who is brainy has an advantage in the game poker, then Andy Bloch is way ahead in the competition. His academic credentials include a Law degree in Harvard and two Massachusetts Institute of Technology degrees. Aside from these, Andy Bloch is a notable expert in gaming theory. He used to be a part of MIT's school blackjack team, yet he soon shifted interests and became infatuated with poker instead. His game history includes three major tourney wins and 30 major contest money finishes.

Included in Andy Bloch's list of work is being a stock trader and computer chip designer. Aside from these, he also worked for a crew of a yacht, which sailed from across New York city to St. Petersburg, Russia. Surprisingly, this poker champ is also the current World Champion of the game Roshambo -- commonly known as rock, papers, and scissors.

Andy Bloch's entry to the world of poker is a surprising one. Many expected him to continue playing blackjack professionally, because he excelled in it. However, Bloch says that he had been playing poker even before blackjack. His constant win in the said game made him realize that he should go into a different avenue. Fortunately, the World Poker Tour was just around the corner at that time, and he gathered up courage to try his luck in that game. That fateful day ushered in a new poker player, and Andy Bloch's history of success has come a long way ever since.

Andy Bloch's professional gambling career did not begin with poker. Surprisingly, it was around the time that he was shuttling between Harvard Law School and MIT. He was with the blackjack team of MIT and designing chips for computers, which kept him preoccupied, yet bored, throughout the whole week. It may be an act of fate, but Andy Bloch's current project was canceled, and he made a decision to immediately quit and try his hand at professional poker and blackjack playing while looking for a new job. He expected his fascination for the card games to last for a little while, yet he continued to play, using his winnings to finance his law education. After graduating and then passing the bar exams, to his parents' delight, Andy found out that he was unable to get an employment that was suited to his finished degree.

Moreover, it may be due to his lucky stars again that the World Poker Tour and ESPN now had television coverages of poker games, making Andy Bloch an instant celebrity. His parents, who were initially against his playing, were now proud to tell friends and family that Andy is now one of the best poker players from all around the globe.

The fascination for Andy Bloch lies in his game strategies and style. He combines instinct with his mathematical know-how during plays. His unusually sharp, Spiderman-like instincts can tell him if his opponent is a serious threat to his play or not, or if his bluff and bet might just work. Once these are taken into due consideration, Andy now uses his math skills to calculate the best kind of play he should use.

But Andy's strength lies mainly on his self-control. For his opponents, Andy is not someone who can be intimidated easily, or be swayed with the promise of high stakes and large winnings. Self-control is an important trait that any world-champion, like Andy Bloch, must have.