Antonio Esfandiari

Tue, 10 Jun 2008 22:20

Antonio Esfandiari

A poker biography of Antonio Esfandiari.

Quick Information

Name - Antonio Esfandiari

Born - In 1978, Iran

Poker Room - Ultimate Bet


The world of poker is really magical and Antonio Esfandiari makes it even more entrancing. Often called as The Magician, Esfandiari is among the greatest poker players in the scene today.

Antonio Esfandiari was born on the 12-08-78 by the name Amir. His family moved from Iran to San Jose, California when he was only nine years old. He preferred to be called Anthony during his high school because the kids in school used to tease him because his name sounds funny to them. His passion for performing magic tricks started when he spotted a bartender in a restaurant doing a magic trick. He practiced everyday to perfect magic tricks for about two years and when he reached 19, he was a full-fledged magician. He performed in the restaurant where he used to work and gave out his business card to clients, which led his way to attend big people's private parties. After one year of entertaining people through his magic, he discovered the more enchanting world of casino.

After winning his debut poker tournament at the Garden City Club in California, he knew he would make it big in the league. In the year 2004, he bagged $1.4 million after topping the L.A.'s Poker Classic's main event at the world's biggest card casino, Commerce Casino. He also won at the World Series of Poker's $2000 buy-in pot-limit hold'em event where he got his first bracelet. He also placed third at the 2002 World Poker Tour (WPT) Lucky Chances.

The Magician seems to enjoy the enchantment that he has created and won more tournaments and bagged more prizes after two years. He finished off five WPT final tables, which probably made Steve Limpscomb of WPT labeled Esfandiari as among the most feared and respected competitors on the tournament track.

Esfandiari was also spotted playing in the Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament second series and is expected to join in the third leg. He was also a part of the two seasons of High Stakes Poker, a Game Show Network series and will be joining other great poker players like Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu in the third season. He is the youngest WPT champion today and has recently won four additional final tables. His poker prowess made him the author of World Poker Tour: In the Money, which was launched in March 2006. In the Money gives poker instructions and strategies useful for Cash Games players.

Besides being poker's magician, Antonio Esfandiari is also an entrepreneur. He is Fun Energy Foods Inc.’s spokesperson and endorser of the poker food, which energizes a player while playing. Also, he is popular being a "crazy party guy" attending elegant parties surrounded by gorgeous women. Some reports say that Antonio Esfandiari shares a hotel room with Phil "Unabomber" Laak, another great poker player, whenever they are on the road for out of town tournaments. Esfandiari seems to cast a spell in every tournament that he joins because it was recorded that his growing live competition winnings is over $2,400,000.