Aron Kanter

Tue, 10 Jun 2008 22:51

Aaron Kanter

A poker biography of Aaron Kanter.

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Name - Aaron Kanter

Born - Not Available

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Known in the world of poker as the "Big Killer", Kanter earned the monicker for his ability to beat big name players like Phil Ivey and Grey Raymer and for his ability to win despite being saddled with the worst hand among the competitors.

Kanter began honing his talent in poker while he was still in college. He constantly participated in online games. It was actually through online playing that he gained entry to the World Series of Poker (WSOP). By the age of 29, Kanter is already a certified millionaire, having appeared in 12 money rounds and two first place finishes. His formula for success is reading and watching videos about the game. His family's background in the fields of science and math is likewise being attributed to his poker success.

Kanter, just like fellow top poker player Paul Maxfield, achieves his best results when playing No Limit Hold'Em. And just like every other poker player, Kanter's dream is to become the grand winner of the World Series of Poker.

One of the highlights of his poker career was when he made it to the final table of the Main Event of the 2005 WSOP. It is considered a prestigious achievement already since everyone who qualified for the finals were already guaranteed a minimum win of $1 million. The big winner of the event stood to pocket a whopping $7.5 million. From a field of 5,617 in that contest, Kanter finished fourth and nabbed a total of $2 million in prizes. In the finals table, he competed with some of the best in the business including Andrew Black, Joe Connor, Hung La, Steve Dannenmann.

Kanter is known in the poker world not only for his victories, but also for his bad reputation. Some belittle the fact that he began in WSOP games through WSOP satellite tournaments. Others say he has poor strategic skills because whenever a huge pot is at stake, Kanter just jumps right in. It may be an unwise move for some but it appears to be working for Kanter. In addition, many people within the poker circle had been doubtful of some of his wins, saying that most of them are just flukes and that he was just lucky. But by the time he was able to qualify for the money rounds in ten major tournaments in a row, there was very little doubt that he is an exceptional poker player.

In 2005, Kanter recorded a 1st place finish at the Bay 101 Open and Speedway of Poker VII where he won $40,000 and $7,264, respectively. He qualified in the top three in the 2006 Bay 101 Open. However, in the 38th Edition of the World Series of Poker, Kanter could only salvage an 18th place finish which gave him $23,576.

Playing live games professionally for only two years, Kanter can be considered a newcomer in the business. When he was starting out, he was employed as a broker for mortgage loans. Presently, Kanter makes a living out of playing online poker. His current ProRank 1 placing is 1426. To date, Kanter's total earnings amount to $2,127,690. He got into the WSOP picture by joining a $100 buy-in tournament sponsored by Party Poker.