Asher Derei

Tue, 10 Jun 2008 22:37

Asher Derei

A poker biography of Asher Derei.

Quick Information

Name - Asher Derei

Born - Jerusalem , Israel

Poker Room - Not Available


For Asher Derei, poker is like a business. Just as the same as other businesses, playing poker is not always pleasant. There are times that the player will experience bad times while there are instances that luck is on his side. However, looking at Derei's statistics in poker, it seems that this guy is having good times more often than not.

Derei learned playing poker when he was still living in the kibbutz in Israel. He would join Friday night games on the camp to earn more because the money that his parents were sending him was not much. He also became fond of playing poker to fight boredom for it was the time when he was a part of the Israeli army. To calm himself and to take away his mind from the pressure and violence, he would play Five Card Draw and No Limit Hold ’Em with his other friends. According to him, while waiting for their enemy's attacks, he and his friends will play poker thus, his skills were developed during the three different wars in Israel. Although poker was not that popular in Israel unlike in many countries, Derei enjoyed playing and got hooked to it.

After serving the military for several years, Derei decided to put up a diner in Jerusalem to support his family. However, he ended up touring across Europe to join different poker tournaments. He competed in Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, and in different regions of Europe. Eventually, his competing became a better source of income for him. Starting in 1996, he was already making good money in tournaments and he bagged his first victory at the European Master classics.

Asher Andrei became unstoppable in bagging cash prizes and topping tournaments in Europe thus, he tried his luck at the poker tables in the U.S.A. After winning cashes in numerous primary tournaments like the World Poker Tour accumulating and World Series of Poker, he knew he is going to pursue this profession and true enough, he created a name in the scene in the U.S.

Recently, Derei's game at the Commerce Casino PPT final table event was televised. He joined other best players in that tournament. Some of Derei's best games include the PPT Los Angeles Poker Classic in February 2005 where he finished fifth place and bagged $30,000. Also, he joined in Event 22, No-Limit Hold'em at WSOP Tournament where he ranked 74th after besting over 80 players. Today, he has $997,654 total winnings.

When Derei reached the U.S., he gained his reputation of being a solid and knowledgeable player. He talks as if he knows everything, which intimidates people. Due to this trait, some players are discouraged to match against him. Another definitive trait of Derei is that he is a very prudent player. Even if he competes live cash he never plays big because he has responsibilities to his family. He has a very conservative lifestyle and is not a glitzy player. He refuses to invest too much when playing so as not to lose everything. What keeps Asher Derei going is his family. His two kids and wife currently stay with him in Sherman Oaks, California.