Baccarat Concepts

Fri, 06 Jun 2008 01:23

Baccarat Concepts

Quick concepts for the online baccarat player.

If one should choose to pass time playing card games over the Internet to avoid the nerve-wracking casino atmosphere, then online baccarat is the way to go. Although casino baccarat games are held in the quiet, less crowded areas, playing at home may prove to be better. For the baccarat newcomer, this is no better place to learn the game than in one's home. A player can opt to avail of the many free baccarat games online. And once he or she has learned the basics and gathered some experience, then playing for money online is just as quick and easy as in the casinos.

Online baccarat is similar to the game played in the actual casino setting. The only significant difference is that in an online game, the mini-baccarat kind is played instead. The only things which vary in this version is the role of the banker and the players involved. In the normal variety, all participants in a game would have to take on the position of the banker whereas in mini-baccarat, the dealer automatically assumes this role. Similar to the dealer button which rotates in poker, the dealer shoe is used in baccarat. There is also another dealer known as the croupier in the real baccarat game. His or her job is to oversee the game's proceedings throughout its duration. But in the mini-baccarat version, there is only one dealer, and unlike the usual fourteen participants, there are only seven players.

Apart from the slight change, everything else remains the same. Normal baccarat games usually make use of eight decks or what is called muck, but since the mini-baccarat version is played online then the number of decks is reduced to six or in some cases, just one. The main objective is still to wager on the hand of the banker or the player based on who gets a total that is closest to nine. There are some cases in online playing that a player would have to go one on one with a banker. If this is the case, then this player can choose to either bet on his or her cards, the banker's or opt for a tie. If the set of cards dealt at the very beginning is an eight or a nine, then that is called a natural. A tie or a standoff is still a possibility in Internet baccarat and should a player bet on this, then he or she gets eight times the amount wagered. But whether online or not, there still exists the house edge or house advantage which is always in favor of the banker. One's winnings is also decreased by the required 5% commission given to the house in Internet baccarat, just like in the casino game.

Internet baccarat games can be enjoyable but always be careful once real money is used, controlling oneself can be difficult. Just because one cannot see the money that is being wagered doesn't mean that you can't lose it, so always remember to play and bet wisely.