Backgammon Glossary

Thu, 29 May 2008 16:58

Backgammon Glossary

Commonly used glossary and terminology.

Air Ball - a completely missed shot due to a poor roll.

Anchor - This refers to a point that is occupied by 2 or more of your checkers within your opponent's board (inner area).

Backgame - A defensive strategy that is useful if you are behind in the game and you still have 2 or more anchors within your opponent's home board.

Bar - The elevated ridge that runs down the center of a backgammon board and separates the outer board from the home board.

Blitz - An attack on your opponent's blots within your homeboard to close out your enemy.

Blot - A checker placed on a point, making it vulnerable to your opponent.

Builder - A checker placed within your outer board that can help you create points.

Candlesticks - Checkers that are piled up on a few key points.

Catcher - A catcher is a checker which has been strategically placed so as to possibly hit your opponent's checker.

Chase - To accept or offer a double which is a risky move so as to recover your losses.

Checker - Refers to the any of the fifteen counters or men you move around based on the roll of the dice.

Coffeehouse - The kind of talk that aims to misled opponents.

Enter - To place a checker into an opponent's home board from the bar based on the dice roll.

Fan - This terms refers to the failure of re-entering after you have been hit by the opponent.

Fish - A poor player who's willing to play for a serious sum of money.

Gammon - This happens when you're able to completely bear off your checkers before your enemy has taken off any checkers.

Hit - To get to a spot that's occupied by your opponent's blot, forcing it to occupy the bar.

Joker - A very good roll that may change the possible outcome of a game.

Kibitz - To watch an actual game and learn from the experts.

Pass - You make a pass when you refuse to receive the cube when challenged to a double by your opponent.

Pip Count - The required number of pips so that you could bear off all your checkers.

Prime - Consecutive points occupied by a single player, blocking his opponent's checker.

Run - To get away from a runner coming from your opponent's home board and to dash back to home as soon as possible.

Shot - A chance to hit your opponent's blot.

Slot - To move a checker on a point you plan to occupy on your next roll.

Split - To separate 2 checkers placed together on a point, turning them into blots.

Swing - Refers to the difference in score between losing a game and winning it.

Take - To agree to a double.

Vig (vigorish) - Refers to the other considerations or possibilities that are quite small but can still affect a certain situation.

Wash - To switch point and hit your enemy's checker.

Woolsey's Rule - A technique promoted by backgammon guru Kit Woolsey regarding doubling.