Wed, 21 May 2008 22:55

Featured Backgammon Site: Party Gammon


» Our featured backgammon site is party gammon
Backgammon as a game in winning cash is still pretty new online, but as a pure game it's one of the oldest. It's a technical and skill based game with lots of twists. Party gammon is one of the most popular backgammon sites online and new players discover this every single day.
As a new customer you can earn bonus cash by registering for an account and make a deposit. 50% in bonus cash from your signup means while depositing $100 you will have $150 available in your player account.
Party gammon are also offering their players a huge amount of backgammon tournaments every week, join them, get experience and hopefully win some cash.
If you like you can read the full party gammon review before you register.
Sorry no U.S players.
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