Backgammon Tips

Thu, 29 May 2008 17:11

Backgammon Tips

Tips for backgammon beginners advanced players.

Backgammon is considered a fun game to engage in, but it will be more exciting when you know just how to take a step ahead of the other players to battle it out in backgammon. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, these backgammon tips will aid you in becoming a skilled player and enjoy the game even more.

Tips For Beginners

Since you are a novice backgammon player, remember that in using doubling cube, you can also do doubling if the other players resolved to doubling. If you accepted the double, you should also use the cube to double your opponent so you have made sure you can beat the other players, if not the match.

Even though you are at a disadvantage, you can still use the double. Take the chance. If the other players decide not to forfeit, then you will have a bigger chance in winning. Better yet, use the double only if you know that the other players will not accept it.

When in a non-Crawford game, use the double against your opponent. There are cases when the other players are only one point away from winning. Take that risk and use the double. This hint is perfectly legal with a non-Crawford game only.

Don't be discouraged when you lose in a double that you took. Get back at your opponent and double as well. Backgammon is considered a game that involves risks and playing safe will get you nowhere.

However, should you be close to winning, be wary of using the double. Using the double can be very risky and may cause you a relatively large amount of losses.  However, the double can help you bounce back to backgammon if you are at a disadvantage.

Watch out for the numbers four and five of backgammon board. These numbers are crucial to backgammon. In the same manner, you must control them early on in backgammon. Be sure that before you get to point number seven, you have controlled points four and five.

Though it is best to take chances, just be certain that you ponder about them carefully prior to your execution of gaming strategies. Choose between two alternatives so you can think of a better way to advance and win.

Spread your checkers and place them by twos across the board. Do not give allowance for blots for the other players to hit on. If you see blots on the other players, take advantage of them. If they are closer to their homes, they will definitely result into larger amounts of hits on your part. Be careful though, if your home has a couple of blots. Remember that the other players can beat yours as well.

Tips for Intermediate Players

There is definitely a way for you to get back in backgammon if you are lagging behind your opponent. A timely hit at the other players can help you, especially if most (or all) the backgammon checkers at your place are already at your designated home board.

If you place all the checkers at your designated board, and it is high time to simply bear off, do not waste your numbers by moving your checkers at your board. Bear off immediately to put your numbers to good use.

To stop other participants from moving further, use the anchor. You can also use it to get back in backgammon if you are behind the race.

Sometimes, you cannot avoid leaving a single blot on a single point. Consider the following before placing the blot at your pip: The other players have greater than six pip counts and that your pip counts will be enough to enclose your single checker.

If you are ahead of the other players, take advantage of it and employ the most appropriate backgammon tips. Make a sprint to your board so that the other players will not have any chances of making a hit on your checkers.

When backgammon is just starting, avoid putting your checkers at low points. You will have lesser choices later when you do this. There are cases when you'll be forced to do so, but think of other alternatives first before resorting to this one.

Moving your checkers by pairs is an effective strategy. Even when you rolled an uneven number, make your second checker close to the first one as much as possible. This way, your checkers will be evenly distributed and you will have more options whenever you roll the dice.

To construct a tougher defense, use a prime. If you managed to block at six consecutive points, you can restrict the moves of your opponent, since he  or she cannot move behind it. It is best to begin a prime on the fifth point or bar point and place it at the designated board of other players to further restrict their moves.

Helpful Tips for Advanced Players

1. Having a game plan can help you, whether you are maintaining your lead or you are trying to get back at backgammon. You may change your mind at every movement of backgammon dice, but having your mind focused on your strategy can help you concentrate and think of better options. See the things that you must do and avoid making reckless decisions.

2. On using the double, it is best that you use it when your position is safe. Learn from Woolsey's rule on doubles: Think of what the other players will do if you double. If you feel he or she will drop, then that double will be worth it.

3. Don't hesitate to commit mistakes. If you doubled and the other players accepted it, that's fine. It is always good if you move the cube rather than never use it. Backgammon is regarded a game where the winner makes the least errors, so be mindful of the backgammon tips.

4. A practical way of hindering the moves of other players is to place anchors. Placing two checkers at a pip will mean that the other players cannot hit those checkers to use that pip. This simple, yet practical way of defense, can be advantageous to you, as the other players cannot easily run to their boards. Building many anchors can highly increase and fortify your defense.  

5. If you are engaged in backgammon for lots of money, be wary of your bets and be certain that you possess the capability to pay for them. Since this game also needs some luck, be reminded that you're supposed to be careful so that you won't lose your money. Don't bet them all early in backgammon as you may risk losing them all.

6. And since it is partly a game that involves chance, you must train yourself to be mindful of the fluctuating odds. Calculating your odds of winning (or losing) can help you think of a better strategy. This is important especially if you are playing for money. For instance, if you are playing a five-point match and you are already down two to one, you must know your odds of winning.

7. It helps if you know more or less when you win or lose. There are instances when you will know, like in certain positions in the bear-off phase, but there is really no concrete way of knowing how save by testing the backgammon tips. Most advanced players are usually correct in their guesses, and this takes lots of experience. As long as you keep on playing, you will eventually learn how.

Backgammon has been here for centuries and thousands of people have already enjoyed it. Hopefully, these backgammon tips have helped you in knowing the tricks in backgammon and further improving your skill as a backgammon player. The game may be fun, but it will be more enjoyable once you master it.