Backgammon Tournaments

Thu, 29 May 2008 17:12

Backgammon Tournaments

Backgammon player online tournaments.

Backgammon is considered a highly competitive game as only one player can win. On the other hand, though there's competition, playing against all sorts of opponents is the ideal way to hone backgammon skills; players can actually opt to play for money or for sheer fun.  Furthermore, backgammon enthusiasts now have the option to play using a computer program or with other players over the internet. But whether it is on an actual game board or on a computer, most of the excitement in playing backgammon comes from winning. The element of winning makes backgammon tournaments very popular to a lot of online gambling enthusiast.

In land-based backgammon tournaments, opposing players can see each other's facial expressions while playing. Thus, players can give away clues, which are indicative of their techniques, easily to their opponents.  Players are also bounded by time and space because backgammon tournaments are scheduled in specific gaming locations.  But major tournaments offer huge cash prizes so players coming from distant places have something worth traveling for.  Also, there are backgammon clubs and similar gaming associations that hold regular tourneys for their members who reside within a given location.

On the other hand, online backgammon tournaments are available 24/7, but still provide a real-time game with an actual human opponent.  Anyone can just easily sign up for an online gaming service and play with opponents from all parts of the globe.  These gaming services offer options to players who just want to play with other players either for fun or for money.  There are online backgammon tournaments where real-money players can win a chance to play in major face-to-face tournaments, which can offer up to a whopping one million dollars as grand prize.  These online tournaments are held every Saturday so players can avoid being charged of the $10,000 direct buy-in to join the one-million-dollar tournament.  For as low as $2.50, players can get a chance to join the grand tourney for free if they keep winning in the series of game levels.  There are also online tournaments that offer cash prizes of up to $100,000 monthly.  The only thing is, four to eight players are required to join the online tournament.  Nevertheless, there are other options in backgammon tournaments for big-money players, like the rating system of players, wherein a player can climb up the ladder of league membership.  When the player has reached a particular level, he can join tourneys where the grand prize is collected from the joining fees of all the players.

When playing backgammon tournaments either online or land-based, players have to shell out some cash, for entry fees at least. They would also have to join an online gaming service as a member.  If they are playing for money online, they need to deposit cash into their membership account through Paypal, credit card, or bank check.  But a player can always win his money back through backgammon tournaments, of course, given he has good game skills.  Backgammon is not just a game based on chance; it requires strategy and more importantly, good sportsmanship.