Barny Boatman

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 13:42

Barny Boatman

A poker biography of Barny Boatman.

Quick Information

Name - Barny Boatman

Born - Summerstown, London, England

Poker Room - Not Available


One thing that distinguishes professional poker player Barny Boatman from other popular poker players is the fact that he happens to speak fluent Spanish. Quite an interesting quality considering that Barny is a true-blue Englishman, having been born in Summerstown, London.

In any case, Barny has other impressive credentials that has made him a renowned poker player. Among these are several respectable finishes in the highly prestigious World Series of Poker, including 14th and 16th placings last year in Event 10 Limit Hold'em and Event 25 Pot-Limit Hold'em respectively.

Barny started his poker career in England, playing mainly with friends, before eventually bringing along brother Ross to various poker tournaments with whom he consequently won several games, including a record-setting brothers tandem appearance in the Omaha finals of the 2002 WSOP. Ross, of course, eventually made his own name in the business, the most notable of which is his second-place finish at the 2003 Four Queens Poker Classic, but still, it is largely his association with older brother Barny that the name Boatman carved a name in poker.

Barny, who is sometimes referred to as Barney in some other poker sites, belongs to a group referred to as the Hendon Mob, which comprises three other members, namely Ross Boatman, Ram Vaswani, and Joe Beevers. The foursome are known as professional poker players and derived the group's name from a London district called Hendon where the group initially played collectively before trying it out with the poker television series, Late Night Poker. In the TV show, Barny made history by reaching the Grand Finals, appearing in the third and fourth series. He then went on further by becoming a commentator for the TV show, specifically during the fifth and sixth series.

Admittedly, the respectable finishes at the WSOP last year cemented Barny's reputation as a world-class poker player. Yet, that is actually just a feather in the cap of this multi-awarded card veteran. In 2002, he placed second in the same contest, where he took home $77,160, just one of three consecutive finals appearances that eventually earned for Barny a citation from the European Poker Awards as tournament performer for that year. Additionally, he was cited as the number one Seven-Card-Stud card player in 1999.

As a poker player, Barny Boatman has been tagged as "The Humor", a nickname that many attribute to his puzzled looks and to his half-smiles that seem to border on laughter. Consequently, his plays have often been described as "unreadable".

His venture into the field of poker commentary has undoubtedly made Barny Boatman an even bigger poker personality. Throughout Europe, Barny has been called "the Voice of Poker", primarily because he has always given very expert commentaries on his many appearances on such prestigious poker broadcasts such as Celebrity Poker, World Heads-Up Tournament, and Late Night Poker.

Apart from his favorite card game, Barny has also been a known sportsman, indulging in several sports games like scuba diving, parachuting, and snow boarding, areas that are largely adventurous and exciting, but at the same time, dangerous. His involvement in such daring sports activities though is merely a reflection of the kind of attitude that he adopts when playing poker, that is, to see the game as a challenge and to be prepared to take calculated risks every now and then.