Barry Shulman

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 13:44

Barry Shulman

A poker biography of Barry Shulman.

Quick Information

Name - Barry Shulman

Born - Seattle, Washington, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


Barry admits that he is not a real-life professional player, but do not let that declaration fool anyone, for this poker aficionado is no push-over when it comes to playing poker. One just has to read this Seattle-born man's recent poker achievements to realize that there is more to Barry Shulman than just being a poker player. Specifically, Barry placed fourth in a field of 437 participants in the second season of the Ultimate Poker Classic in 2003 where he took home a prize winning of $112,780. Then last year, out of 415 WSOP Limit Hold'em Event 7 participants, Barry was able to secure eleventh place and a $2,599 cash prize.

Still, Barry refuses to be categorized as a professional, not even a sub-professional, player. Rather, he wants to be known as a businessman who just happens to be in love with a good poker game, which is not really surprising, since Barry was into the real estate business before he took the plunge into the wide poker ocean.

With his keen business acumen, Barry put up Card Player Magazine, currently acknowledged as the top print media that concentrates on poker. Under his stewardship, the magazine was able to reach circulation figures that is now nearing the 50,000 mark, with a per issue publication of 126 pages, including colored photos.

Although he admits to being a very driven man, Barry says he cannot see himself working hard like a dog. What fascinates him is the idea of financially running a magazine and the exciting game of poker. With that, it came as no big surprise that Card Player Magazine came into being.

The magazine has largely been credited for the so-called normalization of the game of poker. Basically, what it has been able to do is enhance the reputation of poker as a table game. It has done away with the traditional under-handed games and is now busy promoting an anti-smoking policy and an anti-grump campaign, primarily intended to encourage veteran game players into adopting a new approach at playing poker. Barry says these are significant game aspects that can only serve to further improve the image of poker as a game. Additionally, Barry says that he is heartened at the changes that are now taking place in the modern poker world, particularly the live telecast of several major game tournaments, which further enhances the reputation of poker as a professional game.

Still, Barry is not one who is set on resting on his laurels. He says plans are being made to further expand Card Player Magazine, a function that he has now, however, delegated to his son, Jeff, who has promised an even bigger poker coverage since Jeff himself is a certified poker enthusiast.

Barry, meanwhile, is set to devote much of his time to further expand, the official magazine website, which he claims is now bigger when compared to the magazine. There are now about 10,000 daily site visitors from a previous 800 recorded daily visits. Quite an achievement, especially if one looks at the site history of previously having only a single page.

Now pushing 60, Barry still plays several good rounds of poker, anywhere from 50 to 100 tournaments annually. Still, he says that he is no professional, but a businessman simply in love with poker.