Basic Betting Tips

Fri, 30 May 2008 13:24

Basic Betting Tips

Free advice and betting sports tips.

Betting is a lot like putting yourself at risk. This is due to the fact that the result of the game you have bet on does not necessarily lie on your own hands and is quite difficult to predict. Sometimes you can only keep your fingers crossed and pray that you will have your own winning streak. Actually, this is what amateur players and punters alike do. Their exposure to the sports betting games is all about feeling the excitement and thrill, which are brought about mainly because of their inability to play the game by the mind.

Playing the game by the mind means being able to place intelligent bets. This will not be very easy though, for you have to be a player and a punter for quite some time already before you finally find yourself calling the shots. However, some basic betting tips can be learned and mastered by amateur punters and players. Once you have already familiarized with the basics, you can proceed to learning the advanced betting tips the sports betting faqs, and maybe even learn how to handle some special bets on the various sports or games you would like to participate in.

The following are some of the basic betting tips that you need to keep in mind:

1. Never bet with an amount that you can't afford. Be practical and keep in touch with reality. Most punters keep on betting more and more especially if they are on the winning streak. This happens even to players who are already losing their money. However, it will be wise not to follow this game strategy. You might think that if you bet more, then you are giving yourself bigger chances to win your money back. This is possible, but this kind of thinking is exactly the trap that you should definitely avoid. Instead, what you should keep in mind is the limit that you need to set yourself on how much money to spend in your betting. Keep reminding yourself of this limit and stick to it.

2. Your friends might mention a certain game/sport to you and encourage you to bet on it because according to them, the game/sport is very profitable to bet on. The problem is, only your friends know the nature of this game/sport which you are encouraged to place a bet on. In this case, do not bet on any game/sport that remains unknown to you. Wait until you are already knowledgeable with the game/sport. If you already are, then that will be the time when you can already safely place bets on that game.

3. Read printed and online materials on betting. Educate yourself on how to properly place a bet, how to deal with the odds, how tricky it can be in spotting a potential winner, and how to maximize the emotional benefits that a payout may produce.

4. When it is your first bet in a particular game/sport, keep the amount of your bet as low as possible. This will ensure a safer risk and more chances of further betting in the succeeding rounds.