Beating Thougher Games In Poker

Tue, 28 Oct 2008 22:02

Beating Tougher Games in Poker

How to become competitive in poker.

In poker, there are easy games and tough games. A set of techniques or strategies that defeated one kind of poker game is not 100% effective in another poker game. It's best to know the basics of some strategies that can help you survive tougher poker games.

Tips to help you beat tougher games in poker

Take advantage of smaller edges.

These tough games are hard because the advantage you may have over other players is not that great. To win, you need to capitalize on the smallest kind of edge. If you keep on waiting for the nuts or the best cards, then you might not get anywhere. What you should do is to use aggressive plays and your position as leverage more frequently. A poker strategy using these two techniques is very difficult to deal with, especially if done by solid players with excellent hands.

Place more focus on position.

In any poker game, the seat does count. If you are in the first half, or middle seat, just do solid poker moves. If you are in the late seat, you have to value your cards and see how they would fare in comparison to the blinds. Having an A-8 set is not exactly a good thing when playing against a big field, but if played against 2 random sets, your A-8 set could be a fighter. When playing in a Limit Hold'em, don't be hesitant to 3-bet before the flop. This 3-betting is a strategy you can use when you want more cash in the stakes. There are other benefits in using this strategy. The blinds would think long and hard about calling when you 3-bet. Another benefit is that you can make sure that the button is yours if you use 3-betting as a strategy. One word of caution though. If you overuse the 3-betting strategy, it might not be advantageous to you in the end. It's just like bluffing -- bluffing too often won't do you any good.

Be conscious of the blinds.

Defending your own blinds is a must because you'll notice that your opponents would raise more often, just so they could steal. Because your opponents are frequently raising, you'd have to defend your blinds frequently. It is the first adjustment you'd have to do, if you want to get the hang of playing tougher games. These opponents would then force you to fight with weaker hands. To deal with this kind of situation, accept the weakness of your position and defend your blinds more. Then do that same strategy to force other players with good hands to also play with weak hands. If your opponents could do it, so could you.

Remember, balance in the game of poker is crucial. When you fight with too many shaky hands, you are doomed. Your opponents would read you like a comic book. And once your reputation at the table goes down the drain, other players won't respect any raise you make. One key in poker playing is to combine strategies. Mix your styles and don't be so predictable. Don't give your opponents a chance to read you and predict what you're going to do next.