Bejeweled Strategy

Wed, 28 May 2008 18:12

Bejeweled Strategy

Strategy for both versions including bejeweled 2.

Bejeweled is an online game created in 2001 by PopCap Games. It was marketed under a different name--Diamond Mine--a name that was later changed due to trademark troubles, but in any case, it proved to be a diamond mine for PopCap that year. PopCap, which also brought the market wildly popular games like Zuma and Bookworm, scored big with Bejeweled six years ago (it was named most popular game) and continued to experience its success today--its updated version, Bejeweled 2, consistently stays at the top of the heap of bestselling games.

Bejeweled continues to remain very popular because one, it can be downloaded for free. Like Bookworm, you only need to download the entire software onto your laptop or personal computer and start playing. You only need to pay the fee if you wish to play a game with more features (marketed as Premium or Pro), but as a beginner the free stuff may be enough.  

And since the game is free, it is also easy to share the game with friends. It's pretty sure you can meet up with any of your friends and find a copy of Bejeweled in his or her laptop or portable hard disk. Just borrow this copy and you can start playing the game on your own PC.

Bejeweled--and this may be the most important part--is also very easy to play. It's so easy that you can learn the rules on your own or by watching others play it, think bingo and blackjack. When you start playing, you will see onscreen rows of jewels of different shapes and colors. The sole object of the game is for you to make all the jewels disappear onscreen by lining up at least three identical ones. Just think of Tetris. In Tetris the blocks disappear upon completion. In Bejeweled, the jewels disappear when they are lined up.

The best Bejeweled tips and strategies work best when they are discovered during the actual game, but if you're the type who easily gives up, perhaps an initial brush-up of the rules will help. Remember to take things slowly. If you're a novice Bejeweled player, you have to lower your expectations. Scoring increases with every level, but you can only advance to the next level if you've finished the level you are currently working on, so work on that first.

Also, you can line up three identical jewels, but if you think you can line up more, make sure that you do, because the scoring rules of Bejeweled say that an additional jewel will increase your points by ten. That means that forming six jewels in a row will give you a cool fifty points. A match of six, however, is hard to achieve, so just do the best you can.

The jewels can also be very bright and distract your eyes, making you miss possible patterns that can give you more points. You need to line up three or more identical jewels, but one good combination can lead to several matches. When this happens, you can just sit back and watch the jewels disappear before your very eyes, and watch your points go up, up, up. Then, you're off for the next level!