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Free bejeweled game play online and bejeweled 2.

Bejeweled is a popular skill game that requires both fast eyes and a keen mind. Playing it is easy but nonetheless challenging. A pair of sharp eyes is required to continuously find an opportunity to match three or more similar jewels by swapping adjacent ones. In this game, the matched jewels will be eliminated from the board and will be replaced by a fresh set. Once the player runs out of moves to match the required number of jewels, the game is declared over.

The Unearthing of a Jeweled Game

Bejeweled was introduced in 2001. PopCap Games is the company that was behind the brilliant idea of a puzzle game that can be enjoyed by online players. Initially, Bejeweled went by the name Diamond Mine, a Flash-powered game that can only be played onsite. With its success came the plan of fully embracing the Bejeweled concept, consequently introducing game varieties to its hordes of fans all over the world. The name change was due to the fact that Diamond Mine sounds and spells very similar to an existing game called Diamond Mines. In a short period of time, Bejeweled became enormously popular that versions were made available for Microsoft Windows, Palm OS, Smartphone, PokectPC, and just recently, for Xbox.

What Made Bejeweled a Hit

The lure of Bejeweled lies in the simplicity of its concept. It is as uncomplicated and straightforward as Tetris and as enjoyable as any skill game. Almost anybody can learn and play Bejeweled. It has no strict requirements, which allows every one to enjoy it to the fullest. Even young kids can take part in the excitement of swapping jewels while they appreciate the game's colorful graphics. Winning in Bejeweled is all up to the player's skill in spotting jewel-matching opportunities and seizing them all.

Playing Bejeweled for Fun

Bejeweled is widely preferred game of online players who are out to have fun. The graphics are inviting and the various game levels are challenging. The best part is that Bejeweled is available for free. Although you can play it for a limited number of games only -- after which you will be required to pay a specific amount -- you will surely enjoy Bejeweled while it lasts.

Playing free games of Bejeweled through a downloadable software or an onsite feature is helpful in honing one's skills. Winning games one after the another is a sure sign that a player is already ripe for a more challenging game of Bejeweled. He can move on towards playing a time-trial game, or he can move towards competing for real money.

Playing Bejeweled for Cash

If you are geared towards playing Bejeweled for cash, you must be wary of your ability in taking opportunities as they come. Decision-making is needed when there are numerous alternatives to swap jewels. Some moves are helpful while some can take you to that point of no return -- the end of the game. Choosing your way towards the former is quite a tricky task to perform, especially when you are under time pressure.

Bejeweled tournament games for cash are all time regulated. The players are timed to make accurate decisions to be declared a winner. The pressure is doubled in this case with the time element at one hand and the opponent at the other hand.