Bejeweled Tips

Wed, 28 May 2008 18:11

Bejeweled Tips

A look on bejeweled tips for game play.

We've all gone through a "puzzle phase" as kids. Who hasn't gone through Rubik's cubes, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, and the eternal Tetris game that until now is still being played by children and old folks alike and are still being updated by adamant software developers? Even our beloved boardgames like chess with its tried-and-tested and oft-discussed strategies, and backgammon have gone online, the wooden pieces replaced by pieces on the computer screen. But despite these updates, like in any phase, we experience burnout. We pick up a puzzle, we throw it away. Often we throw it away because we can't solve it, but sometimes we throw it away because we already know its nuances and we are just sick and tired of it.

If your reason is contained inside the vicinity of the latter, despair not, because Bejeweled is one challenging game that still enjoys relative success. Younger than chess, Bejeweled was released as Diamond Mine in 2001 by PopCap Games and became the most popular game of that year. The game is in fact relatively simple. You can download the game for free and start playing immediately after download. Onscreen you will see jewels of various shapes and colors. The object of the game is to remove all the jewels, which can be done by lining up at least three similar jewels in a row. How to do this? Simple. Click on a jewel you wish to move, then click the jewel beside it, which is going to be the first jewel's new position. Then, if the jewels are lined up successfully, watch them disappear. Yay!

Bejeweled for sure won't make your head hurt like chess, but some tips can be outright helpful. First, do not panic. This tip is applicable to any situation, but in playing Bejeweled, it is necessary. A novice Bejeweled player can go mad just staring at those field (or should it be called "mine") of jewels, thinking there aren't any moves to make, and simply quit the game. But just hang on, and keep on looking for those patterns. You can try looking at the edges and move inward. Eventually, you'll find a jewel there that you can move.

Next, make sure that you are looking at the right jewels. You'll never know. There might be instances that in the midst of a crazy game, you might suddenly suffer from an acute attack of color- and shape-blindedness and bring together two jewels that may look alike but are actually not the same. Remember, the jewels must be identical. Take note of their shapes, colors, and positions.

Also, choose the mode of the game that you think would best fit you. Would you want it timed or not? Now, don't get pressured by timed Bejeweled game because in truth, timed mode is more advantageous. For instance, in timed mode, you'd get a fresh set of jewels if you don't have anymore matches to make. That's very unlike the simple mode.

Finally, remember that it is just a game, and in a game, failure is a good thing because it can make you better. Just do a lot of practice. There are many online sites that offer Bejeweled tournaments that you can join and can win you some money. But take note, the stress level there will really hit the roof. Yet as a beginner, why bother about such things, right? Just sit back, hold that mouse, and have fun.