Ben Affleck

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 13:45

Ben Affleck

A poker biography of Ben Affleck.

Quick Information

Name - Ben Affleck

Born - 15th Aug 1972, Berkeley, California, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


The current thinking about the game of poker solely being played only by certified game hustlers should gradually change, especially when one gets to hear the news about a famous personality recently playing the game and even ending up as the grand prize winner. That is exactly what took place at the 2004 California State Poker Championship held at Commerce Casino when film actor Ben Affleck walked away with the tournament top prize amounting to $356,400. What makes the victory even sweeter for Affleck is the fact that it has assured him a free ticket to the World Poker Tour Championship scheduled for an April outing the following year in the casino capital, Las Vegas, where a grand prize of $25,000 awaits the lucky winner.

Outlasting 90 other participants, the Daredevil film star sat at the finals table opposite poker veteran Stan Goldstein who had to eventually settle for second place. Chuck Pacheco, Castle Rock Entertainment president, meanwhile, finished third.

The tournament had a $10,000 entry fee and lasted for three days. It was made extra special with the participation of several movie stars including Affleck and Tobey Maguire, who was unfortunately eliminated on the initial game day.

Actually, the Affleck victory should not really come as a big surprise for the 34-year-old movie actor since he admits to being a genuine poker aficionado, having started playing the game when he was still studying in college. He further improved on his game by coming under the tutelage of several famous poker players such as Annie Duke and Amir Vahedi, tutorial lessons that inevitably received considerable media exposure, especially after Affleck won.

Nevertheless, the victory should prove to have some positive effects on the life of Affleck, who also starred in the monster hit, Armageddon, opposite Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler. For one, it should help boost his career after a somewhat lackluster performance in the last two years. For another, it should give him some more monetary resources in order to finance his various philantrophic endeavors including researches into finding a cure for various rare diseases like ataxia-telagiectasia or A-T, for which a friend Joe Kindregan, is currently afflicted with.

However, what the poker victory should really give Affleck is the chance to effect changes in the present formats of many poker tournaments. The actor admits that given the opportunity, he would like to see bigger tournament payouts not necessarily in the form of large first prize awards. Additionally, the victory should give Affleck, who makes use of the alias “bennybas” in his poker games, the chance to further boost his popularity, something that he needs to sustain, especially nowadays when reports continue to circulate that the Santa Monica-based film performer is seriously considering running for Congress, seeing public service as a real noble profession.

In a recent interview, however, with GQ, Affleck adds that what he really wants is to become wealthy enough so he can seek public office without unnecessarily getting beholden to anyone and consequently trying to win even if the cost becomes too great. He further noted that if ever he decides to run, it should be on the belief that even regular people like bankers, teachers, lawyers, and the like, have the right to seek public office.