Berry Johnston

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Berry Johnston

A poker biography of Berry Johnston.

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Name - Berry Johnston

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Poker Hall of Famer Berry Johnston is known for his great moves, good behavior, and manly composure. He was a World Series of Poker winner in 1986 and was also featured in numerous final tournaments throughout his colorful career that spanned four decades and counting. His five WSOP bracelets are solid proofs of how wonderful his career has been.

Aged Career

At age 70 plus, retirement just isn't on Johnston's mind yet. He is continuously seen playing in the present poker circuit, although he is not as visible to many now as he had been in the 1980s.

Johnston joined the professional poker arena as a no-name but became famous after he played with other poker greats like Doyle Brunson, A.J. Meyers, and Jack Straus at the WSOP table. He has so far won third place, first place, and fifth place at WSOP's 1982, 1986, and 1990 tournaments, respectively.

However, WSOP is not the only tournament Johnston was busy about that time. He also joined other equally prestigious poker events such as the Grand Prix of Poker and the Triple Crown of Poker. He may not have been able to cash in whopping amounts on those tournaments, but you have to give this man some credit. After all, when you are up against equally exceptional players like Jay Heimowitz, Jack Keller, and Chip Reese, your chances of winning is relatively small.

The experience Johnston got from joining well-known poker masters at the table is truly one for the books. In fact, this is the reason Johnston belonged to Binion's Horseshoe's Poker Hall of Fame. One of the requirements in becoming a Hall of Famer is for a poker pro to play with some of the legendary poker players around like Walter Pearson, Johnny Moss, and Milo Jacobson. Johnston met this requirement, earning him a spot in the long line of Hall of Famers. As one of the poker greats of his time, Johnston gained the respect of his colleague and fans.

Man of Composure

What is most respectable about Johnston is not really his talents at the poker table but his behavior in and out of the gambling circuit. Doyle Brunson is just one of the many people who can attest to Johnston's excellent attitude. According to those who know Johnston, he is a great family man who loves his wife and kids so much and a great player who can deal with bad beats well enough. In one of his career's greatest highlights where he placed third at the main event in 1985, Johnston showed what he is all about. After T.J. Cloutier knocked him off to pursue the final table, Johnston shook the hands of his opponents, went ahead to meet his wife, and had a good dinner with her afterwards.

Johnston conducts himself impressively like no other man does, especially during bad breaks. He treats poker as just another game where there needs to be losers and winners. Falling under either of the two categories never kept him off track, but rather optimistic towards the next poker game.