Betting 101

Fri, 30 May 2008 13:23

Betting 101

Is it legal? What type of player are you? Sports betting.

If you consider sports as your life and not just a mere part of it, then there are many ways to prove this. You can watch live games, collect sports cards, or even create a website dedicated to your favorite player or team. However, if you feel that these are not enough, then maybe you should try sports betting, too.

Sports betting is gaining popularity today. Many people consider it more as a form of entertainment rather than plain gambling. Although money is involved in sports betting, the main goal of the players here is to express their passion towards sports. Gaining profits is just a bonus.

The good news about sports betting is that you don't need a big capital to invest in this fun activity. Aside from that, it also doesn't require you to learn any kind of technical expertise. What you just need in sports betting are an unyielding interest in sports and a burning desire to get what you want. But first things first, you need to know the basics of sport betting before you plunge into it. Here are some of them:

Is It Legal?
Nearly every person who heard about sports betting asks this question. The answer depends on your location. The majority of countries deem sports gambling as part of the e-commerce industry. However, in some parts of the world, sports betting is still taboo.

So far, in the United States, no law has been passed that prohibits Americans to join in sports betting. In United Kingdom, particularly England, sports betting is not a big moral issue anymore. They treat it as a pastime that grew out from tradition. Their government actually benefits from sports betting because it is a licensed business that generates money in the form of tax.

One piece of advice: check out the existing laws in your country first before placing a wager in on-line sportsbooks. Remember, having fun must be done in a lawful manner.

What type of player are you?
There are generally four classifications of a sports betting player: Recreational Player, Sports Investor, Professional, and Compulsive Bettor. To know where you belong, check out the descriptions below:

Recreational Player
Do you remain on your seat even if the game is getting more intense and your money is on the line? Are you happy with whatever the result is, as long as you have watched the game and enjoyed it? Congratulations! You are a recreational bettor! If you had fun even after losing some money, then sports betting is healthy for you.

Sports Investor
For you, sports betting serves two purposes: a source of entertainment and profit. You like watching the game but you like it more when luck is on your side. You do probability studies and math computations to come up with a better bet. You are both a sports fan and a businessman.

You do sports betting to earn a living. Although sports is still an interest, you are more attracted to the winnings rather than the actions in the games. You thoroughly analyze the game patterns and won't shell out money if you think that there will be nothing in them for you.

Compulsive Bettor
You are obsessed with playing sports betting. Even though you're already penniless, you still keep on betting.

Knowing the basics of betting and where you classify as a bettor will help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses in online betting. This way, you can either improve more or change your betting styles and skills.