Bingo Glossary

Thu, 29 May 2008 17:36

Bingo Glossary

Common words and expressions of bingo.

Before becoming a professional in this kind of game, all amateur Bingo players have to understand basic Bingo concepts first.  This is so that new players may become well-versed about the game and may be off to a good start.

For this particular Bingo glossary aspiring Bingo professionals out there, or at least those who are interested to get in the game, are presented a partial list of Bingo terms which have also appeared on the Bingo Faq (frequently asked questions).  These terms would hopefully help you turn into more than amateurs.

Admission - In order to be allowed entrance and access to the game, you must first get yourself admitted by acquiring an admission packet, which is at least three to six cards for each regular game. The packet may sometimes have one or several special games in it depending on the bingo hall.

Bonanza Bingo - A continued coverall Jackpot played at the session's 13th game with forty-five numbers drawn beforehand. They are also already marked by the players on individual cards and then set aside.

Casino Night (also known as Vegas Night) – Usually starting after twelve noon and ending at midnight, this is an event that allows a qualified organization to hold casino-style gaming events such as bingo, blackjack, pulltabs, merchandise wheels, five card stud poker, roulette,  poker, gin rummy, and craps.

Early Bird Game – So- called because it begins earlier than the usual games and is sometimes the session's first game, although this kind of game in the session is usually called as Warm Up.

Free Space – Acquired for free in each game and counts for a winning pattern, this numberless center-squared card acts as a Joker or a Wild square.

Game Board (or Gameboard) – Resembles a bingo card but is an electronic display connected to the bingo board displaying the pattern a player has to form in order to win the game as well as the variation you are playing on such as regular, chevron, blackout, four corners, etc.

Instant Bingo – A breakopen ticket with the letters B I N G O, bingo card faces, and bingo numbers incorporated on it. Winning tickets contain either the word B-I-N-G-O or a complete pre-assigned bingo pattern.

Lucky Jar (also Cookie Jar) – Cash in the so-called lucky jar is won by acquiring the lucky number which is the first number announced at the session's start. This is normally only won during regular games. Money in the jar accumulates each time the lucky number is called or whenever a error in announcing the game is made.

Main Stage Bingo – The most-awaited happening during bingo sessions that usually attracts the most number of Bingo fanatics.

Pattern – Finally, here's a clear-cut answer for those of you who have been asking, “What are Bingo patterns?”. It is simply the shape which your numbers must cover in your card. Such shapes could form a straight, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.