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Bingo Knights Review

A review of bingo knights online site.

Bingo Knights


Big Bingo Winnings at Bingo Knights

Here's one proof that bingo is not a thing of the past: Bingo Knights. The medieval theme might fool first-time visitors to the site, but Bingo Knights is nowhere near antiquated. With their cool interface, great game variety, amazing prizes, awesome bonuses, and excellent customer service, Bingo Knights is unquestionably one of the best online bingo sites out there.

Established only a few years back, Bingo Knights is among the favorite sites of bingo enthusiasts today. Since they have a wonderful bonus program, many people flock over the site to avail of all their promos. As a matter of fact, they have the biggest initial deposit bonus than any other bingo sites online. An example of their enticing offering is their 300% First Deposit Bonus. New members of Bingo Knights can get as much as $75 for a minimum cash in of $25. Regular players of Bingo Knights also get various redeposit bonuses according to their player level. Bingo Knights give out as much as 200% redeposit bonus for their Level 6 Diamond players. Bingo junkies can't find that much redeposit bonus anywhere else.

Aside from bonuses, another thing that bingo buffs like about Bingo Knights is its user interface. Decked in blue, Bingo Knight's client is well-organized and easy to navigate. The various subwindows are also customizable. A player has a zoom option that makes viewing his bingo cards according to his preference. The bingo caller can also be turned off if a player prefers a more quite gaming experience. The player information and the chat windows are also strategically placed for the user's convenience. The interface for the other games are also equally well-organized and navigable.

Speaking of other games, Bingo Knights has good game variety. Bingo Knights also offers alternatives for those people who are not into bingo. The site has video poker, slots, keno, and pull tabs for non-bingo fanatics. A comprehensive guide to these games are posted on the FAQ page of Bingo Knight's portal, along with other interesting reads like recipes and horoscopes.

Since Bingo Knights values its customers, it offers round-the-clock live support. If a player has any concern or problem with just about anything with Bingo Knights, he can chat or send an e-mail to a customer representative. What's more, those who want to negotiate for a better bonus can do so by talking to the Bingo Knight support staff. Talk about world-class customer service.

Another aspect of Bingo Knights that gets kudos from bingo aficionados is its reliable deposit and withdrawal system. The online bingo site offers various deposit and withdrawal options for its players. Just some of the deposit options available at Bingo Knights are through Neteller, FirePay, Mastercard, Visa, Citadel, Western Union, and Prepaid ATM. Payout and closing an account with Bingo Knights is also easy. Both cash in and cash out methods with Bingo Knights are also secured.

With all these taken into consideration, there's no disputing that Bingo Knights is well on its way on becoming the leading online bingo site on the net. And it would not be a surprise either if this happens any time sooner. From the sleek interface, to the diverse games, to the lucrative bonus programs, it's hard to look for a bingo site that would exceed what Bingo Knights can offer.


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Name: Bingo Knights - Online Since: 2006 - Bonus: 300% - $300

Bonus - 300% bonus on any first deposits and reloads at minimum 100% which gets greater according to the loyal ladder system.

Deposit Options - Bingo Knights accepts - credit cards, NETeller, western union and citadel.

Player Support - Contact Bingo Knights by online form or livechat.

Forum - Discuss this review or other related bingo stuff on ixgames bingo forum.

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