Bob Chalmers

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 13:48

Bob Chalmers

A poker biography of Bob Chalmers.

Quick Information

Name - Bob Chalmers

Born - In 1978, Iran

Poker Room - Not Available


Before, many players do not know him. Some may have heard his name, but were not familiar with his face. Nevertheless, Bob Chalmers, also known as Big Red, is no longer anonymous in the poker world since he took home this year's Golden Bracelet for the World Series Of Poker World Championship and $258,344 money prize. Among the 701 participants of the World Series, Chalmers was the one who played the $1,500 Limit Hold'em with ease and confidence, yet always with an unassuming demeanor. It was the fifth time he joined the tournament and the first time he won the golden bracelet.

A business consultant and a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, Bob Chalmers at first look, was not the type who would you think will take home the poker championship. The triumphant Chalmers was just like an ordinary dad during the tournament. He was tall and wearing glasses, if not on his face, on top of his red hair. He was also friendly making him more of a fatherly figure and not a poker player. But he did win the bracelet, and he played consistently. Moreover, his calm attitude and ease in playing made him the favorite among other players.

Bob Chalmers said in an interview that he never felt any nervousness during the game, not even once, even in other tournaments he had joined before. He was not excited nor down. Playing poker came so natural to Chalmers that he was just going with the flow. But it was when the game was through that the excitement sunk in him. His composure during the game actually helped Chalmers get a little advantage over his competitors. He easily read three other players, and his composure made it tough for his opponents to read him. In addition, he described himself as a reserved player who can be aggressive if needed. He also keeps his composure most of the time to ensure that his table appearance is unreadable.

Chalmers enjoys watching other poker players who plays with composure yet in an aggressive way, but admitted to look up to no one in particular. For this year, he plans to play in other WSOP events such as the $3,000 buy-in Limit, a couple of No-Limit, and the main event.

In his final battle in this year's $1500 Limit Hold'em, Chalmers played heads-up against Tam Ho. Ho pushed his remaining 50K in the pot, and Chalmers called. He then turned over Oh 3s while Tam Ho had As 2h, thus making Bob Chalmers the champion while Tam Ho went home 2nd place with a cash prize of $135,396.

Bob Chalmers, nevertheless, does not limit himself to only one or two events. Though he plays Limit most of the time, he is also a Omaha player. He is only able to play No-Limit during tournaments because there is no much No-Limit games available except during tournaments. In fact, his last WSOP game in the 90s was the Limit game that got the big draw. He also considered himself as an experienced Limit player. But whatever kind of poker game Chalmers would join, poker fans should be on the lookout for this rising player. He could be the next big thing in the poker world.