Bob Stupak

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Bob Stupak

A poker biography of Bob Stupak.

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Name - Bob Stupak

Born - In april 6th 1942, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


Born in April 6, 1942 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia, Bob Stupak is Chester Stupak' son, owner of Pittsburgh's longest operating floating craps game. At present, Bob is a popular entrepreneur and casino owner in Las Vegas.

In 1995, Bob had a motorcycle mishap that nearly took his life. Though the prognosis was he would never wake up from a coma, he still recovered but got his face totally reconstructed. He now lives in Las Vegas and strolls around the city like an unwanted visitor; very far from the Bob Stupak that many people have known before.

Though born in Pennsylvania, Bob Stupak chose to relocate to Las Vegas and started a business in the city. Not contented, he extended his business over in Australia. His coupon-book-business-turned-telemarketing business did not last that long because Stupak was requested to leave Australia. The Australian government found his business questionable. Meanwhile, while he was still residing down under, he married Annette Suna. Their short-lived marriage produced a daughter. His next marriage to Sandra Joyce Wilkinson also produced two more children.

Stupak returned to Las Vegas in 1971 and was able to raised money just enough for him to acquire a 1.5 acre land. He then opened Bob Stupak's World Famous Historic Gambling Museum on March 31, 1974. In May 1974, barely two months after it was set up, the establishment was eaten by fire. Though investigators suspected it was arson, still, Tupak was able to collect a big sum of money from his insurance. Through the money he got from his insurance claim, he opened the 'Vegas World' in 1979. His silly promotions and equally silly fresh games proved to effective marketing strategies as the casino-cum-hotel grossed a hundred million dollars a year.

In 1989, Bob Stupak bet one million dollars for the Super Bowl XXIII, and luckily won. It was in 1980 when he was operating a very fruitful casino hotel that he decided to play poker. He commissioned no other than Puggy Pearson to teach him the basics of poker. A year after, his continuous and lengthy practices paid off and won for him the golden bracelet in the World Series Of Poker for the Deuce to Seven Lowball championship; his only golden bracelet up to this moment. It was in 1983 that he used his poker expertise to create gossips about his operation and himself. In the same year, the Vegas World compered its very own poker tournament- the American Cup. Stupak proffered his Rolls Royce to the winner as a price if he beats him in a heads-up match. Barely an hour into the match, Stupak won, thus keeping his car for himself.

Bob Stupak's dream of becoming a casino owner, plus a career as a professional poker player did not satisfy him. What he wanted was to make a mark in Las Vegas. His plans to put his ambition into action is to build the Stratosphere Tower. He became a sheer investor after he closed a deal with Grand Casino who took the job in making his dream a reality. However, despite the huge crowd during the opening of Stratosphere, it never made well for most tourists came over only to visit and not to gamble.

Bob Stupak's accident, however, never restrained him from planning his Vegas dreams such as the Titanic-shaped casino, and the purchased of Moulin Rouge casino. Unfortunately, his dream, up to now, remain to be a dream.