Bonnie Damiano

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 13:58

Bonnie Damiano

A poker biography of Bonnie Damiano.

Quick Information

Name - Bonnie Damiano

Born - In 1954, Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


The name Bonnie Damiano is now associated with tournament event organizations. But before Bonnie became known with organizing poker tournament events, she was an enthusiastic poker player herself. Bonnie had her first poker lesson during the bitter cold winters in Wisconsin, as a sort of entertainment in their home. At eight, Bonnie realized she could increase her allowance by winning the family poker matches. When she was 23, her sister would invite her to Las Vegas to play the Stud/8 poker game with a $3-$6 limit. Bonnie recalls that those poker games were fun and she has met various people over the poker tables. After earning a Business degree from the University of Wisconsin, Bonnie made good use of her business knowledge and poker style.

Frequenting the poker tables in the city of Las Vegas, Bonnie noticed that the poker tournament events could be improved to have a more lively atmosphere. She realized that she could use her poker skills and managerial abilities in putting up wonderful and lively poker match events that people will always remember and talk about. Her vision includes giving the events more creativity and fun for everybody, especially the poker players and the audience.

Bonnie came up with a total of 15 presentations to different Las Vegas casinos before she was able to finally showcase her talent in organizing poker events. Her reputation spread around the Vegas circuit that Bonnie was able to gain popularity with her organizational presentations. Soon after, Bonnie coordinated the prestigious World Poker Players Conference and became the World Series of Poker Assistant Tournament Director. After the success of both these events, Bonnie started working at the CardPlayer Cruises company. Her work at CardPlayer Cruises consists of coordinating a cruise heading to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Alaskan regions respectively, with on board gaming activities for a more exciting cruise experience. Aside from this, Bonnie also produced the inauguration show of the Joe Rabbi Stadium in Miami, Florida.

The reputation of Bonnie has spread all over the poker arenas that when she organized the Four Queens Poker Classic, Las Vegas was packed with many spectators and guests from all over the world. Also, the so-called Breakfast of Champions was conceptualized by Bonnie to add up to the poker festivities during the poker matches. This breakfast concept is a way of thanking the poker players for participating and playing a tough game.

Bonnie has now become synonymous with the words professionalism and integrity. She is a highly-respected poker events organizer today. She gives her focus on every event she organizes, making her the best poker match organizer. Bonnie is still grounded on her vision to maintain the cheerfulness, organization, and sincerity of her poker events. With every event that Bonnie prepares, she makes sure that people will come back again for her next poker event because they had a wonderful time. Without the works of Bonnie, poker game events would not be as fun and lively as they are now.