Brian Haveson

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 13:59

Brian Haveson

A poker biography of Brian Haveson.

Quick Information

Name - Brian Haveson

Born - In 1964, Trenton, New Jersey, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


Having an aggressive character surely pays off in playing poker. Being a dynamic player has been the reputation of Brian Haveson in poker tournaments. The New Jersey native plays poker with such energy that his opponents consider him a formidable force in poker matches. Possessing a bold and enthusiastic character in the gaming arena earned Brian the 2002 Player of the Year from Foxwoods event. A much deserved recognition, his parents would agree.

Having amateur poker players as parents, Brian started learning about poker at the age of three. Since then, excellence has always been in the young mind of Brian. In the University of Maryland, he studied Aerospace Engineering. Later on, he transferred to Purdue University and graduated with a Business degree. No wonder then that Brian was able to establish himself quite firmly in his business projects. In 2002, Brian was able to cash out a seven-figure amount from his Nutrisystem stocks. Right after earning a hefty sum from Nutrisystem, he pursued a poker career professionally.

Brian is quick to admit that honing his poker artistry has assisted him in his business dealings, even more so than using his business ingenuity in playing poker. He has the same principles of negotiating and bluffing in poker that are being applied on his business dealings. These principles are Brian's guiding posts that he always uses time and time again. Aside from this, the aggressiveness of Brian comes from knowing that he does not play poker for other people. Simply put, he is not worried of losing someone else's money because he plays for himself. And he is not even worried about losing his money because of the large sum that he cashed out from his business. To this he adds that he can take all the risk he can when it comes to poker. Also, Brian has the skill of reading people at poker tables, making him quite a talented poker player.

Being in a competitive environment is what excites Brian the most. He compares playing poker to playing the basketball in high school, wherein the accomplishment comes after a very competitive game. With this perspective, Brian would always seek after competition. In the gaming arena, Brian loves to play with equally-driven poker players such as Mark Seif, Phil Hellmuth, and Daniel Negreanu.

The daring style of Brian in poker matches was seen in a poker game with Daniel Negreanu during the 2003 Sands Tournament. Brian completely astounded the poker match with his winning attitude. He was able to show his skillful poker style that involves many risks. Needless to say, some poker players are afraid to play with risks with Brian in the game.

Brian admitted that most people envy the type of life he has. He now lives in Newtown, Pennsylvania with his wife and three children. Brian continues to amaze the poker tournament players with his bold attitude. That is a winning style in every poker game. Indeed, taking risks in poker games has made Brian a successful poker player.