Brian Sailor Roberts

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Brian Sailor Roberts

A poker biography of Brian Sailor Roberts.

Quick Information

Name - Brian "Sailor" Roberts

Born - Not available

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After the Korean War in the 1950s, a professional poker player was born in the name of Brian Roberts. This talented poker player proved his worth in a lot of his competitions. Being popularly called as "Sailor" by a lot of his colleagues, Roberts became the 1975 champion during the main event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament.

After four years of service to the American Navy, Roberts went out as a gambler. Years passed and finally, he was able to penetrate events where young and professional poker players were also competing. He was in the same events with Dwayne Hamilton and Doyle Brunson, who eventually became his friend and business partner.

Although there were a lot of colorful things that happened in Roberts' life, poker was one of the major spices that added a little excitement to the life of Brian "Sailor" Roberts who died at a young age because of sclerosis.

Poker-related adventures

After Roberts became friends with Brunson, they were partners in bookmaking business. Apart from this, they played poker games together and they earned thousands of dollars. They traveled across Texas, where Roberts was originally from, and spent all their gambling earnings on all kinds of poker games.

Although Roberts had been traveling with his friends to join poker competitions, he had also experienced being alone and this was before he met Brunson. In fact, Roberts had been to many places in Texas like Midland, Brenham, and San Angelo where he grew up.

Besides Brunson, Amarillo Slim was also one of Roberts' business partners and poker friends. Among the three, Roberts was best on the deuce to seven lowball.

Poker really bonded Roberts, Slim, and Brunson, but they also enjoyed playing golf together. Roberts had worked as a caddy to support his high school education.

Young Achiever

Although accounts said that Roberts died at a young age, he made a name for himself through poker. He received his very first poker bracelet in 1974 when he competed for the $ 5,000 Deuce to Seven Draw in the WSOP tournament.

Shortly after that, he gained his second bracelet from WSOP when he won the main event in 1975. Aside from the bracelet he received in 1975, Roberts also won cash worth $210, 000.

Since Roberts was not able to participate in several international tournaments, his total earnings was estimated to be at $276,000.

Aside from these WSOP awards, Roberts also landed at the eight spot in the WSOP championship in 1982. Since 1975, Roberts had been participating annually at WSOP events.

Jail Experience

Another reason that can be associated with Robert's limited poker experience was his imprisonment in the 1960s. He was jailed because of his bookmaking company, which he solely kept after Slim and Brunson quit as his partners.

However, Roberts did not stay long inside the minimum-security facility, but he returned to gambling and poker competitions right after he went out of the prison.

Aside from his poker awards, Roberts is considered as one of the best-not just as a player but most especially as a person.