Can Kim Hua

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 00:07

Can Kim Hua

A poker biography of Can Kim Hua.

Quick Information

Name - Can Kim Hua

Born - Vietnam

Poker Room - Not available


Who would have thought that a small-time Vietnamese fisherman can turn into a big-time poker player once he set foot on the United States of America? Can Kim Hua is a living proof that individuals who seek fortunes will find treasures greater than they expected if only they will persevere and work hard to achieve their dreams. Now, Can Kim Hua is not fishing for mere water creatures anymore. Instead, he is aiming for a bigger catch, which is making it to the final tables to cash in poker prize money. So far, his total winnings of nearly $2.5M is an amount he can never have if he will just stay in his native land and wait for a bite on his bait.

Playing For The Odd Reasons
Can Kim Hua, who is also fondly called C.K by colleagues and fans, began swimming in the deep waters of poker eight years ago. Since then, he managed to make a name for himself by cashing in over a hundred poker events and establishing a reputation of being a loose-aggressive competitor. He gained popularity by his apparent drive to outplay anyone not because of the take-home money, but due to the challenge of taking on tougher participants in the game. While other poker players are afraid to face the more experienced opponents, C.K is more than eager to battle them out. Why? He said he learns a lot from these pros, that's why. Sometimes, it's because of other odd reason why he wants to join and strive hard to get the prize at stake. Can Kim Hua showed this unusual yet fascinating attitude when he decided to dive into the 2004 California State Poker Championships event simply because he liked the design of the trophy. Call it weirdness or anything you like, but C.K's peculiar attitude just led him to the final tables of three World Poker Tournaments.

Making The Big Splash
As of now, Can Kim Hua is considered to be one of the most active professional players in the poker world. His mastery in bluffing, which he uses as a bait, left many crestfallen casualties. In the first season of the World Poker Tour: Legends of Poker event, Hua grabbed the fifth spot. Following this impressive feat two years later was bagging home $150,000 in the World Poker Open at the Gold Strike Casino in Mississippi for scoring high enough to get the fifth place. In another WPT event in Bellagio, Las Vegas, Can Kim Hua did a wonderful job and ended up at the final tables. In just seven seasons of WPT events, Hua already managed to accumulate a grand total of 1,100 WPT points. Not bad for a former fisherman from Vietnam who just learned the art of poker playing.

Unheard Success?
Although Can Kim Hua is an active player poker, he is having a hard time in selling himself to the public. To those who just began exploring the world of poker, the name Can Kim Hua does not ring a bell. Well, that is true, but only for today. In the coming days, Can Kim Hua will definitely find his way to become one of the big fishes in the blue poker ocean.