Carlos Mortensen

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 14:06

Carlos Mortensen

A poker biography of Carlos Mortensen.

Quick Information

Name - Carlos Mortensen

Born - In 1972, Ambato, Ecuador

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker


Learning the game of poker at an early age made the Danish-Spanish Carlos Mortensen achieve his current status in the poker arena. Carlos was able to learn the skills of poker when his family moved to Madrid, Spain when he was fifteen. Carlos used to engage in pool and chess in the local club before being hooked to poker. On one seemingly ordinary day, a guy just arrived from America and taught the other guys the game of poker. Learning the first poker lesson was a hard one for Carlos. He lost $70 that night, but instead of quitting, he studied why he lost in the poker game. This motivated him to think about the mistakes he made during the game. Carlos returned to that club the next day with a more determined goal of winning. For four days, he won the poker games. Winning the poker game made Carlos realize that he can study his errors and come back with a better perspective of the poker game. No wonder, with Carlos' determined attitude, he is now a top player in poker tournaments.

Carlos first became associated with the European poker tournaments , then taking part in the Las Vegas poker matches. Since his Las Vegas stint, Carlos had purchased a Las Vegas home for him and his wife Cecilia. The Mortensen couple has called Vegas their new haven. The couple misses Spain so much, but they are happy with what they have now. However, they also spend two months each year in their Spanish home to attend the European poker matches in Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Vienna. The remaining months are spent mostly in the North American region.

The World Series of Poker in 2001 witnessed how Carlos maneuvered with excellent poker skills. He was only 29 then, showing off his poker artistry in the gaming tables. Playing with Dewey Tomko, Carlos was able to go home victorious over Dewey's total winnings of $1.1 million. Moving all in over the $500,000 wager of Dewey, Carlos took the challenge with courage. The game first favored Dewey, but in the end, Carlos bounced back with his winning cards. The game came as a surprise, just when everybody thought that Dewey will be the winner. A total $1.5 million winnings went to Carlos in the $10,000 Championship Hold'em tournament that night, Carlos was beaming with pride after a very competitive game against Dewey. Carlos considers that particular poker game with Dewey the highlight of his poker career.

Posing in front of his piled up million winnings topped with a WSOP gold armlet, Carlos was joined by Cecilia. Admiration from other poker players and the audience was clearly seen during that momentous night for Carlos. In the December 2004 issue of the Card Player Magazine, Carlos became the cover model. An interview was also shown in the magazine, wherein Carlos talked about his winning style. In his interview, Carlos revealed that being a winner in poker involves a great deal of bluffing. Not bad for a game of bluffing.