Casino Payment Solutions

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 20:08

Casino Payment Solutions

Best payment solutions in the casino world.

Casino payment solutions are the offshoot of the rise in the level of competition among online casinos. As gaming options became highly diverse and players gradually increased in number, think-tanks behind many online gaming sites have decided to take their current bonuses and promotions a notch higher. Majority of online casinos nowadays engage in a fierce battle to win gamblers' nod. These sites lure gamblers into their sites by offering irresistible perks like big bonuses, excellent payouts, and great sign-up deals. The trick arguably works magic for these online casinos as evidence by the overwhelming visits they receive from players who are eager to have some good, clean fun.

Payment solutions are touted to be an essential and indispensable tool for the success of a gaming experience. What chips and tokens are to actual casinos, wireless payment solutions are to online gambling. Some of the most common payment options are credit cards, money transfers, debit cards, pre-paid cards, and online payments. The more payment options there are, the more satisfactory and convenient it is among thousands of online casino enthusiasts. Clearly, evolution is the name of the game.  

On a class of its own, online payment schemes are among the most convenient ways of settling gambling transactions. Some of the most common online casino payment solutions are click2pay, eWalletXpress, NETeller, myCitadel, and Moneybookers. Majority of gamblers, whether experienced ones or novice players, find these systems of payment highly reliable, more so when they play in sites such as Party Gammon, Canbet Poker, Play65, Gammon Empire, and Bingo Day.

Let us take a quick look at how these payment solutions make casino gaming life easy, convenient, and secure:

* NETeller
NETeller firm provides players secure online transaction and transfer through hassle-free financial access coupled with a wide array of web payment systems. Majority of online gaming sites such as Gammon Empire, Bingo for Money, Pokerroom, and Party Gammon rely on NETeller due to its convincing ability in providing its online gaming patrons with convenient and secure payment transactions. With its password and ID system, players can avail of a quick and comprehensive verification of their personal accounts.  

* myCitadel
myCitadel takes great pride in its round-the-clock merchant support beefed up by streamline data centers and label solutions. Online casino players avail of this payment solution mainly due to its highly attractive features like SecureSwipe, anti-fraud measures, an ATM portable device, and a highly secured online transfer. myCitadel also has a check processing unit that provides a great deal of satisfaction among customers. With this convenient feature, online gamblers can be accurately informed on how their transactions go about.  

Adding to these already fine services is Citadel's myCitadel Wallet -- a stored value option that boasts of an intensified withdrawal and deposit schemes. Citadel, likewise, has a multi-currency and multi-lingual features that receive excellent feedbacks from satisfied followers. With all of these reliable features combined, Citadel has greatly earned the trust of many online casino players. The 24 Karat Gold Casino even goes further by promoting the site with an additional 10 percent bonus given to players who are using myCitadel as mode of payment service.    

* Ukash
In the UK, Spain, Ireland, Germany, and the Netherlands, a Ukash voucher is used to purchase from convenient locations presently numbering to thousands. These locations include convenience stores, petrol stations, newsstands, and post offices. Ukash vouchers have a unique 19-digit voucher numbers on them that serve as a security feature.

In other European countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, France, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, and Sweden), you can simply go to any bank branch and fill out a paying-in slip. An email or an SMS message with a unique 19-digit Ukash voucher number will be sent to you.

Online casinos like Wild Jack Casino feature Ukash as a method of depositing money, wherein a gambler simply follows the traditional way of accessing a Ukash voucher.

* Click2Pay
Click2Pay, like other payment solutions, offers efficiency and security in transferring cash through the Internet. Click2Pay features same-day payments and instant cash transfers. A Click2Pay account can be accessed for free and used to make quick deposits at online casinos and other online businesses.

Click2Pay offers confidential credit card details and payment history. Click2Pay accounts can be funded through Master Card, Visa, American Express, Direct Debit, Diners Card, EFT, and bank deposit. One can directly access his account balance and transaction history at any given time using Click2Pay by simply visiting the Click2Pay website.  

* ePassporte  
ePassporte can be reloaded and used in any place that recognizes Visa. Online gambling sites like Casino Tropez offers a $300 bonus for players who are using ePassporte. ePassporte does not charge exorbitant interests and rates, contrary to most payment options. As such, it is easier to administer funds with a limited budget using ePassporte. ePassporte also features message centers that provide free data account delivery, ensuring safety and easy trading. These fine features of ePassporte attract many travelers and online gamblers.

* Firepay
Using FirePay, you can avail of different services, buy products, or play online casino games like poker or craps. FirePay offers real-time fund access and quick deposits and charges nothing when you sign-up. Also, the bank account transfer rate to FirePay account is a relatively cost-effective one, perfect for people who want to get more out of their hard-earned bucks. FirePay is highly similar to a debit card that gives you the opportunity to play in casinos and win big cash.

* Credit and debit cards
Credit and debit cards are still used as payment modes chiefly because credit cards are the premier in payment solutions way before online casinos gain popularity. Some of the more notable credit cards like Visa give a powerful purchasing power almost everywhere, although a credit limit set by banks hinder you at some extent.

Online casinos like Casino Tropez accept MasterCard and Visa as deposit or payment solutions. MasterCard has a feature like Online Fraud Monitor, which improves PIN debit activities and provides better security on the part of the owner.    

* Wire transfer
Wire transfer features security in verifying information on a player's account. Wire transfer companies encourage players to file requests before noon in order for them to make a same-day transfer. Casino sites, particularly Pinnacle Sports, which enlist Western Union as one of their deposit options, use wire transfer.

On the other hand, the Paypal service, having more than 100 million opened accounts starting from 1999, rejects gambling site transactions including sportbooks, and does not accept skill game vendors and backgammon.

Payment solutions vary in their respective form, procedure, or service. Nevertheless, they are arguably among the most important parts of casino websites' backbone as these are generally used for registrations, sign ups, bets, and cash outs. Casino payment solutions provide easy transaction, management, and handling on the part of the casino service providers and the online gaming participants. Payment options not only measure how reliable casino sites are, but also make the total online gaming experience such a highly enjoyable, and relaxing activity.