Casino Software

Sun, 13 Jul 2008 18:29

Casino Software

Listing the industry leaders in online casino software. 

Want to burn money on fun and excitement but too lazy to leave your couch or bed?  Want to get rid of your money while staying at home and having loads of fun as well?  Then, casino softwares is the only way for you! Yes, you've certainly read that right --- CASINO SOFTWARES! You don't have to haul your butt over the nearest casino to blow all your money away because now you can do it right in the comfort of your own home.

Just imagine: you don't have to make your way through the thick crowd and get all hassled up just to get a good spot on the gambling table.  Less hassle means less stress which again basically translates to more chances of actually winning! And you can all do these just by staying at home! The wonders of modern technology --- isn't it great?

Casino softwares basically is a marriage between modern technology (in this case, the Internet) and age old lust for luck, fun, and instant monetary gratification.  Also known as Internet casino or virtual casino, this gift of modern age technology uses the vast landscape of cyberspace,  enabling gamblers from every corner of the world to play and place their bets online.  It may vary depending on what casino software you are using, but most of these online casinos charge heavy payback rates for slot machine games while other softwares even display their payout percentage up front on their websites.  However, some specific table games such as Baccarat that have  established card values also possess an established or constant payout percentage based on the very rules of the game.

These online casino games can be broken down into 3 categories based solely on their interface.  These categories are web-based casinos, download-based casinos, and live casinos.  Online casinos may opt to use a single interface although they may also employ multiple interfaces, too.  Download-based online casinos require each gambler to download or extract the specific software from the website before they can start to play and participate in the online betting.  Upon completion of the downloading process, the casino software connects to the online casino server, which in turn handles all the necessary information exchange even without launching your web browser.

Web-based online casinos on the other hand, grant the players the capability to participate in online casino games without downloading a casino software to their PC unit.  Online casino games that are under this category are usually presented in common web browser plugins such as Java, Macromedia Shockwave, or Macromedia Flash and in turn, require browser support. A higher bandwidth is very essential because all sounds, graphics, and animations are simultaneously loaded through the World Wide Web through the installed web browser plugins.  In this aspect, the download-based online casinos fare better than these web-based online casinos because the former loads considerably faster. This is because the software, which contains all the graphics, sounds, and animations, are already seeded in to your personal computer unit.    

Other than these two types of online softwares, a third category has been recently developed --- live-based casinos or real-time gaming softwares. This type of online casino gives the player an undoubtedly richer gambling experience, for it gives them the capability to fully interact with games that are currently played in an actual world casino setting. Thus, each online gambler can see, hear, and interact with real dealers at tables in casino tables all across the world.

To give all the online gamblers an assurance that each set or game is fairly executed, these online casinos employ the aid of established online gaming companies' softwares such as Microgaming Software, Playtech Software, and Cryptologic Software.  All of these online companies utilize a random number generator or random logic softwares so that each set of cards or dice are given in random fashion.

One reputable online casino software that is worth mentioning is that from Vegas Technology.  Primarily known to the online gambling community as “Odds on Gaming,” this company was one of the pioneers in the realm of online gambling to cater to the banking software needs of the industry during the 1990's. These old Vegas Technology Software versions was made using a downloadable Java format.  This particular software became so influential during its time. As a matter of fact, these prime softwares still exist at various Internet sites up to this very day.

Net Entertainment Software is another leading online gaming provider just like the Vegas Technology Software.  Net Entertainment is located in Stockholm, Sweden and has been around the online casino business since 1996.  The Net Entertainment Software, in its own right,  can also be considered as one of the pioneers of online casino, for it spearheaded the exodus of online casino gaming from your personal computer to your mobile phones back in 2000 via WAP games in tandem with cellphone brand Nokia.

Boss Media Softwares on the other hand, is not that quite easy to acquire.  Boss Media, the firm behind this software, picks its clients very well by choosing only those solid and established organizations.  Thus, this leads to Boss Media Software's untainted record when it comes to credibility. Rival Gaming  is a Black Chip Ltd., subsidiary and its flagship program, the Rival Gaming Software features ground-breaking graphics and in-depth interactivity.  What's unique about this software is its new line of I-Slots, which are a cross between a slot machine and a video game.  Lastly, Odds On Software offers reliable payouts just like other online casino softwares; however, as an added feature, this software offers you more control on the game's speed and allows you to play at the most comfortable pace that you can handle.