Casino Faq

Tue, 29 Jul 2008 22:27

Casino Faq

Casino walkthrough and faq, frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked online casino and games questions: The things you really want to know about online casinos. Ixgames will answer all your most asked questions. See this as a casino guide and casino walkthrough before actually signing up and start playing.

1) What is an online casino?
Online Gambling/Casinos are virtual casinos or internet casinos. Online versions of traditional casinos - enable gamblers to play casino games through the Internet.

2) Is betting on the Internet safe?
One way to check for this is to ensure the company you are betting online with uses SSL certificates. (all sites that are listed on ixgames are SSL certificated).

3) Where are the online casinos located?
The licensing and regulation of online casino sites are located at many different places such as: Antigua and Barbuda, Gibraltar, United Kingdom, Kahnawake, Malta, Netherlands Antilles, Isle of Man, Costa Rica, Belize, United States, Northern Territory,
Russian Federation, Cyprus, Panama, Liechtenstein, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

4) How do I decide which online casino are right for me?
Look around at trusted websites like ixgames and go to the online casino reviews area or section.

5) What sort of casino games are available online?
All casino games that you can imagine. Including baccarat, blackjack, craps, pai gow poker, roulette, slots and video poker plus many more.

6) How do I find the best casino signup bonuses?
Go to the home page of ixgames and see what we have to offer. You can also use google and search after "casino bonus".

7) After reading ixgames casino reviews, how do I start playing at an online casino?
It's important that you get familiar with the regulations and rules of the chosen casino game - you will find that information on the casino site you choose to play at.

8) How do I download and install a casino?
Online casino gaming is based on software which you download and install on your pc or mac. Then just follow the casino instructions.

9) How old do I have to be to gamble at an online casino?
The gambling age ranges from state to state, but as a general rule, you must be 18 to take part in any form of online gambling.

10) How do online casinos make money?
When players losing their games.

11) Can I play for free?
You can play for free at almost any online casino.

12) Where can I find casino game systems that works?
Nowhere, and that's the truth. But going through one of our casino game guides are always a good way of understanding and getting better at a game.

13) What can I win?
Sometimes there are no limits on what you can win.

14) What can I lose?
No limits! So be careful.

15) What's a Sign-up Bonus?
Usually the site requires you to make a minimum deposit - before you get the sign-up bonus. But it is always a good advise to read the rules at the casino you are playing at.

16) What's a high roller casino?
Higher money limits than the norm. VIP rewards. And a much bigger casino bonus.

17) If I refer new customers will I receive a referral bonus?
Yes. Read the casino rules at the casino you choose to play at.

18) What are my chances of winning at an online casino?
They are much better than a land based casino.

19) Is it possible to win the big price, also called progressive jackpot?
You never know when it happens - but it happens every single day to lots of players.

20) Where can I find complete detailed instructions on the various games?
At the online casino you choose to play at. You can also read the casino guide at ixgames for various games.

21) If I win big, do I need to declare this income on my taxes?
In some countries casino winnings are not subject to personal income tax. Mostly all prizes are immediately paid out as one lump sum, tax-free to the winner.

22) Can I chat with other casino players?
If chat Is available yes. You can also take use of ixgames gambling forum.

23) How do I deposit money in the casino?
Online casinos offers many methods of depositing money into your casino account.

24) Is my credit card number safe in the casino?
Yes, meaning the casino uses SSL certificates.

25) Are my transactions secure?
Depend where you live. The casino will show you the most secure and more reliable option to deposit your bet into the casino.

26) Do I need a high-speed internet connection to play online?

27) Is casino customer support working?
Yes - every online casino has 24/7 support. Mostly either by phone or email. You can also find support related questions in our casino reviews.

28) How do I find the highest jackpots online?
Ixgames forum features a section for "progressive jackpots" Read there about the latest jackpots.

29) Are the odds in an online casino better than in a real land based casino?
Yes much better

30) What is a no deposit online casino?
No deposit casinos are online casinos with bonuses and free money which is a great way to start online gambling.

31) If I win, how long does it take to get paid?
Read the casino rules (Remember every casino has different rules). For example if you deposited with NETeller you will receive your winnings within 48 hours.
32) What happens if my internet connection fails during a game?
See the rules of each casino as each casino differs in how they handle situations like this.
33) Where can I find the latest news and information about online casino gambling?
You can find It at ixgames gambling blog.
34) Is gambling online illegal?
Check with your own local authorities to see if online gambling is legal in your area before beginning to play online.
35) What should I do if I think I have a gambling problem?
Please search for "gamblers anonymous" on your search engine and visit their site for help and advice.
36) Who becomes a problem gambler?
Problem gamblers come from many backgrounds. They can be rich or poor, young or old.
Problem gambling can affect people of every race. They believe they can "beat the odds" - even when their entire world begins to fall apart.
37) How do I know if an online casino is playing fair?
Ixgames testing our casino games on a continual basis to assure ourselves that the games are absolutely fair and random. All reviews are checked on a regular basis for fair games.
38) Are online casinos protecting my privacy?Most online casinos having Firewall and RSA encryption. For example using your credit card at a casino is much safer than using it at your local department store.
39) What is wagering?
Wagering refers to the amount in total, that you have bet at the online casino game.
The amount wagered can be specific to any time period, or wagers made on specific games.
40 Can I bet on credit?
That doesn't exist in the online gambling world.
41) Do many people actually gamble online?
Millions, and the industry is still growing.
42) What is a cash-back?
A great way to extend your game play and receive some of your losses back if you've simply had a bad run.
43) How do I contact the casino?
Go to the casinos contact page.
44) Do I need to download software to play?
If you do not wish to download the casino software, then try the instant flash version. Remember that not every casino features a flash version.
45) What is casino flash version?
A flash casino is an online casino that allows you to play online casino games from the casino's website via your internet browser. All the software is on the casino's website, so you don't have to download software to your computer. Flash casino game has the same great graphics and sound effects, and all the fun and excitement, of a download casino game.
46) What should I do if I lost my account details / password?
Contact the casino support service.
47) Does online casinos cheat?
Most casinos don't cheat because they would make less money that way, what a serious casino is looking for mainly is repeat business plus a bad casino would fast get a very bad reputation. With all the good guides online it's easy to find the serious sites.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime. Ixgames can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.You can also visit our forum and ask questions there.